A Yoga Diet Is A Healthy Diet

Well, here we are again, discussing the virtues of the yoga diet. You guessed it — it’s a vegetarian based diet. Our daily foods make us who and, in fact, what we are quite literally. That’s why it’s so important to eat good healthful foods from local, preferably organic sources. Here Arseto writes on his blog about the benefits of a healthy yoga diet.

 A Yoga Diet Is A Healthy Diet

We all know the saying, `you are what you eat`. It translates into all languages and has been a well known fact for ages.

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A yoga diet is a healthy diet. Photo by Shannon Keegan  c/o Photos.Com.

Nevertheless, we rarely practice it. Perhaps it sounds too complicated for ordinary people to follow. Fear not as healthy eating is in fact very simple. In this article we wish to inform you about how to create an easy, rejuvenating and boosting diet for yourself.

Our first keyword is `balance`. Make sure that you do not leave out any foods and consume enough of each of the five food groups every day. The first two are the main groups that we must focus on while the remaining three should not be left out: First are fruit and vegetables (eating up to 5 portions a day of this group helps prevent serious illnesses such as cancer thanks to the nutrients in them); bread, pasta, rice, potatoes and other starchy foods (wholegrain food rich in carbohydrates provide the body with the energy it needs to keep going); milk and dairy products (the calcium we need for healthy bones and teeth is found here but make sure the products you consume are low in fat); meat, fish, eggs and other sources of protein (our cells use these nutrients so the body needs them to grow and repair itself); food/drinks with high sugar and fat ratios (the calories here are mainly to make us feel good and should be consumed very carefully).

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Makes you feel healthier just reading about that yoga diet. Why not make a few better eating choices today. Not too drastic, just one better choice that, with time, will lead to more better choices. Eventually, you’ll be making a lot of very good choices naturally that will change how you look and feel.

Have you made some better choices today? If not, why not try something a little different and better for you? You can leave a comment below and let us all know what you chose to do that’s better for yourself.

These days, my practice is teaching me to embrace imperfection: to have compassion for all the ways things haven’t turned out as I planned, in my body and in my life – for the ways things keep falling apart, and failing, and breaking down. It’s less about fixing things, and more about learning to be present for exactly what is.                                                                             —  Anne Cushman

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