Hello and welcome! I’m Dr. Michael Eis. My goal for writing this blog is to have it become a gathering place for health conscious individuals like us who are interested in obtaining health, wellness and spiritual benefits through yoga meditation.

Right now, I’m a practicing physician in the mid-west. My motivation for starting up this website is so that I can both teach and learn from some of the many non-traditional ways of maintaining and improving our health naturally through yoga and meditation.

Why “yoga meditation”? That’s a good question. For thousands of years yoga poses were used to prepare the body for meditation. Yoga as an exercise wasn’t practiced alone as it is more so today. They seem to have somehow become separated, and I wanted to try to make people aware of that relationship and acknowledge that unity here. After all, yoga does mean “yoke”or union in Sanskrit.

I’ll be gathering relevant news articles related to yoga meditation which I believe will be educational, sometimes funny, but always informative to my readers. I’ll be posting on a pretty frequent schedule, about three days each week, but not on weekends — I have a family that needs me.

I’ll be introducing some stand-alone topics relating to yoga meditation as separate pages that will be added over time. These will be short articles providing more background on certain yoga related subjects you might find interesting and again informative.

Please feel free to start or join in on a discussion by commenting on any of the posts you find interesting or educational. I’d like to hear from you. Thanks!

Dr. Michael Eis, MD., PhD. Editor and Publisher