Achieving Your Balance With Playful Yoga Meditation

What if I told you that you could have your yoga cake and eat it too? No, really. There’s a new form of yoga that’s play based and, for lack of a better term, I’ll just call playful yoga meditation. It’s built on what looks like cooperative play between participants who balance each other, developing trust and cooperativeness amongst themselves. There are variations called AcroYoga, CircusYoga, and, get this, YogaSlackers. Here’s an excerpt from by Kelly House at The Oregonian.

Achieving Your Balance With Playful Yoga Meditation

At a recent AcroYoga class at Southeast Portland’s Yoga Union, instructor Jacob Handwerker started the session with yoga poses and light meditation. Then, he turned up the music with a heart-quickening beat and the fun began.

“You guys warm enough?” he asks a dozen or so students. “Let’s try some flying.”

Flying Yoga

You can achieve balance with playful yoga meditation. Photo by Wong Chi Kin c/o Photos.Com.

Nobody seems particularly Zen, but participants certainly seem to be in union, laughing and clapping as they execute yoga poses while balancing precariously atop hands and feet of a partner who lies on the ground as a human balance beam.

“It’s about working together, developing trust, and playfulness,” says Handwerker, who teaches the acrobatics-infused yoga classes in Portland and around the world. “It’s taking yoga off the ground and into the air.”

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Does playful yoga meditation really help foster trust and cooperation? Judging from the enthusiasm participants seem to show for it, I’d say yes. I’m truly impressed with the imaginative elements more and more people are bringing to yoga, making everyone welcome in the process.

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