Are Yoga Meditation Benefits For Both The Spirit And The Body?

When I originally set up this blog, I explained why I named it “yoga meditation benefits“. Yoga and meditation were never intended to be separated from one another. Instead, the practice of yoga was meant to prepare the body for meditation and to enhance the experience. Only recently in western culture have we conceived of the notion of them as two stand alone entities. A recent piece in the Huffington Post brought out a lot of discussion about whether yoga was primarily a spiritual or non-spiritual practice. There were also quite a few videos that expanded on the subject. The discussions were very lively. Here is a small excerpt and a link to the original article.

Are Yoga Meditation Benefits For Both The Spirit And The Body?

A recent picture posted to Huffington Post’s Religion’s Facebook page sparked a passionate discussion over whether or not yoga is

yoga meditation

Yoga meditation benefits for some are spiritual, and for others are simply physical. Photo by Shannon Keegan c/o Photos.Com.

a spiritual practice.

The picture was an image from Mind Over Madness Yoga, a Summer Solstice event featuring thousands of New Yorkers convening in Times Square for a free session. The conversation that followed included conflicting views.

Some commenters said yoga a great way of connecting with their Creator regardless of one’s faith. Another said that for them, yoga is more spiritual than church.

Others expressed the notion that the practice is solely a fitness activity that is positive yet isn’t up for spiritual discourse. For instance, one commenter said, “Anything that causes people to relax and get in shape has got to be good thing.”

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There are yoga meditation benefits to be had on both the physical and the spiritual planes that are equally realizable. Many have chosen to emphasize the physical aspects for fitness improvement, others seek the enlightenment of the meditative aspects of yoga for themselves. I suppose it’s what you are seeking in yourself that determines how you use yoga meditation to elevate yourself above where you are right now.

How about you? Do you see yourself using yoga to improve yourself physically, spiritually, or both? Why not leave a comment below and weigh in on the discussion. You can also click the like button to share this with someone and also to let them join in too.

Meditation is not what you think it is. It’s a method of accessing unerring wisdom from the superconscious mind so you can experience a happy, healthy and creatively rewarding life.                                                                  —  Leonard Perlmutter

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