Barefoot Yoga Meditation If You’re Unemployed

Now for something a little different. I ran across  barefoot yoga meditation in this post. I read it and I thought it was a little tongue-in-cheek, yet at the same time it was also very informative. Now, before I say anything else or get accused of being insensitive, unemployment is a scary situation and I don’t mean to make light of that. It helps to be able to not take ourselves quite so seriously every once in awhile, especially during more trying times in our life. As well, yoga meditation isn’t all just dedication and seriousness either.  I happened to like what the currently unemployed writer Jessy Tapper has to say about both her own emotional experiences going through this time in her life, and barefoot yoga meditation in particular. It is a very grounding (sorry) experience and this approach is practiced in many cultures. In fact, I remember reading about it years ago in the Carlos Castaneda books. Ms. Tapper also recommends finding your personal mantra, your inner warrior, and she stresses the importance of always being balanced.

Read a short excerpt here, originally published in her column, The Twenty-Something Yogi.

Barefoot Yoga Meditation If You’re Unemployed

But, let’s call it what it is. I’m unemployed. And, maybe it’s because I used to be on the employed side of life, but I’m not exactly taking it well. I’m pretty sure it’s all the knowingly condescending looks of pity I receive when I try to explain my situation during a conversation, or the constant stream of automated email responses to my online job applications, but either way, I can definitely start to feel myself breaking. It’s a slow process to be sure. 7 weeks ago, when my

barefoot yoga meditation

Barefoot Yoga Meditation brings balance.

Funemployment (as I sarcastically like to refer to my situation) began, I was brimming with positivity and excitement, confident that I would be out of a paycheck for no more than 2 weeks. [Insert eye-roll here] But now, as I’m becoming a more seasoned funemployee, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that I even have anything to offer.

And it’s this chronic feeling of alienation and losing control that makes my yoga practice feel more important than ever. Because no matter what happens in my job search, my practice is one thing that I will always be able to control. Plus, for those short 90 minutes, I know that I’m doing something that’s just for me. It’s like a massage for my otherwise achy and self-hating unemployed mind.

So, for anyone else who finds themselves on the funemployed train, here is my gift to you to keep you grounded and centered when everything else feels like it’s falling apart: Unemployment Yoga.

Walking barefoot outside is immensely beneficial to the human body and condition.  And though meditating is often viewed with a highly skeptical lens, I thinking walking mediation is always the best place to start. Just focus on your feet. Done.

Go ahead and read the rest of what Jessie has to say. While it’s written in a lighthearted vein, it really gives you some perspective from a young person who is certainly facing her own set of challenges at such an early stage in her life. I think barefoot yoga meditation can find a place in just about anyone’s practice of yoga meditation, don’t you?

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       be done without hope and confidence.
                                                 – Helen Keller

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