Burn Fat With A Vegan Yoga Diet

Are there ways to burn fat with a vegan yoga diet? Well, if you happen to currently be overweight but you’ve been practicing yoga for some time, by gradually shifting your food intake away from meat or animal products and toward a more vegetarian based diet you will more than likely experience some weight loss. This is because the number of calories in the vegetarian diet are fewer and the nutrient density is generally higher. That being said, going vegan would be the next step beyond vegetarianism, as no animal products whatsoever are consumed.

A key element of any weight redistribution (as opposed to strictly weight loss) program is understanding how your body operates and working along with it. We humans are wired to be snacking hunter-gatherers. We were adapted to eat a berry, walk a mile, eat another berry, well, you get the idea. Humans were never meant to exist in the calorie dense world which we now find ourselves in. Yet, your metabolism doesn’t know that you probably won’t starve between meals, but it still acts that way to protect you. Every time you restrict calories, your metabolic machinery tries to keep you from starving and it puts any calories preferentially into fat, while consuming your muscle tissue to get energy. Repeated dieting just reinforces this cycle, making it more difficult to get out of each time. By incorporating any kind of exercise into the weight loss program, your body can then justify keeping the muscle tissue and it starts to go after the fat stores for calories instead. This is why I referred to this earlier as weight redistribution, because you’re preserving a much greater percentage of your body mass as muscle and consuming stored fat. This is how you really can burn fat, and there are no pills or drugs that will get you around this “law of the universe”. Here is an article by Arseto explaining more about the vegan yoga diet and its health and wellness benefits.

Burn Fat With A Vegan Yoga Diet

Foods that can be enjoyed are the best foods of yoga diet and this includes easy digesting foods such as vegetables, fruits, honey, beans, juices, butter and milk. Foods to avoid as per the yoga diet refer to the foods that cannot be easily digested or it can also be considered to be a heavily

vegan yoga diet

Burn fat with a vegan yoga diet. Photo by Norman Pogson c/o Photos.Com.

processed food. This includes several packaged foods made with white sugar or white flour, and also the food that is available in cans and in other packages that are filled with preservatives proclaiming longer shelf life. Another very essential aspect of it is eating the food slowly so that it is digested properly. Simply, pushing down the food into the mouth and swallowing is not the right way of eating, instead enjoying every mouthful and chewing it properly helps in proper digestion and yoga diet.

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The power to burn fat with a vegan yoga diet is simple and works in harmony with your body’s natural inclinations to keep itself alive. This understanding will make anyone able to start taking control of their health and weight. Practicing yoga meditation and a vegan diet together are a very natural, healthy and powerful way of improving your health, your mental and spiritual well being, and your quality of life.

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