Adopt Your Own Yoga Diet In Five Simple Steps

When it comes to the debate as to how to get going on a proper yoga diet, there is always some new grist for the mill. Here, writer Sharon Thiel delineates just five simple steps to adopting a yoga diet in her article for Yoga For Focus. Adopt Your Own Yoga Diet In Five Simple […]

The Yoga Diet Debate Rages On

Here we are again discussing the merits and particulars concerning the yoga diet. As I’ve touched on this topic several times in previous posts, the true yoga diet is considered vegetarian and vegan ideally, but there’s more to it than just making those distinctions. When you really get into it, even certain foods that might […]

Yoga Weight Loss: Not By Bread Alone

I think that there’s a deep, unspoken desire among many who practice yoga that there will be bestowed upon them a yoga weight loss benefit. It ain’t necessarily so. Now, following the guidelines set forth on the stone tablets housed at the Mayo Clinic and enshrined at WebMD, there is probably no way you’ll ever […]

More To Learn About The Best Yoga Diet

The best yoga diet will always emphasize consuming non-animal sources of nutrition. Fruits, nuts and legumes will fill the dietary void and replace meat and animal products. The emphasis becomes one of diminishing any harm to other living things in order to sustain ourselves. That is the essence of ahimsa. Here is a very in […]

Is The Best Yoga Diet Vegan?

The question “Is the best yoga diet vegan?” is probably pretty loaded. If you’re not vegan, you’re not practicing true yoga, is the implication. I view the question as one of degree. Meaning, we get there when we get there. If you happen to be a meat eater at this moment in your life, don’t […]

A Yoga Diet Is A Healthy Diet

Well, here we are again, discussing the virtues of the yoga diet. You guessed it — it’s a vegetarian based diet. Our daily foods make us who and, in fact, what we are quite literally. That’s why it’s so important to eat good healthful foods from local, preferably organic sources. Here Arseto writes on his […]

More Good News About The Best Yoga Diet

I wrote the other day about just what should constitute the best yoga diet, so I wanted to say a bit more about that subject. While there is no one best yoga diet, patterns of diet and nutrition that emphasize highly nutrient dense foods produced by organic farming methods and they’re best if locally sourced. […]

Why Best Yoga Diet Is Not Just For Yogis

There’s always that nagging question about what’s the best yoga diet always popping into the heads of beginning yoga students. You know, it really does depend on what you’re trying to accomplish in your practice and adherence to yoga meditation techniques. A better way to ask the question might be something like, ‘Is there a […]

Burn Fat With A Vegan Yoga Diet

Are there ways to burn fat with a vegan yoga diet? Well, if you happen to currently be overweight but you’ve been practicing yoga for some time, by gradually shifting your food intake away from meat or animal products and toward a more vegetarian based diet you will more than likely experience some weight loss. […]

Feed Your Body And Soul With A Proper Yoga Diet

A proper yoga diet will help nourish your body as well as your soul. You’ve probably heard that a lot if you have been doing yoga for any length of time, but what’s important often bears repeating. The typical Western diet is just plain bad, what with all of those overly processed starches and sugars. […]

The Vegetarian Yoga Diet

If you’ve been practicing yoga meditation for any length of time, you might want to seriously consider going ahead and adopting a vegetarian yoga diet. By first of all avoiding meat, you greatly reduce the production of acids within the body as a result of digesting it. Plant-based protein sources, contrary to popular myth, don’t […]

A Moderate Dietary Program For Yoga Weight Loss

I just thought I’d throw out just one more article on the subject of yoga weight loss. When you start talking about just what specific foods you should or shouldn’t eat, the word moderation should enter into the discussion. While you’re at it, so should avoiding meat as much as possible. Over at Circle of […]

Is There A Yoga Diet Just Right For You?

Seems we can’t get away from the topic of what is or isn’t a good yoga diet. I just read a short post on another blog that related the writer’s ambivalence about grains and certain foods, and every once in a while falling off the dietary wagon, so to speak. Take a look on over […]

Eating And Enjoying A Proper Yoga Diet

Believe it or not, we are what we eat, and a proper yoga diet will go a long way to enhance your physical and mental rewards from regular practice. I’ve written previously about good yoga nutrition in conjunction with yoga meditation practice. that’s because it’s so important to our overall health. Our food becomes us […]

Vegans Rule: Nutrition To Power A Yoga Diet

I’m an avid supporter of a vegan yoga diet because I believe that it delivers the most nutrients in their proper balance for the number of calories. Many of what are currently viewed as chronic diseases are actually caused by chronic nutritional deficiencies. Normally, our typical Western diet delivers calories that are very deficient in […]

What Foods Are Recommended In A Healthy Yoga Meditation Diet?

What foods are recommended to include in a healthy yoga meditation diet? By now, if you’ve been practicing yoga meditation awhile, that would be a logical question to ask. The answer is; “It depends.” It depends on whether you’re trying to lose some excess body weight, maintain or enhance your health, or to exclude Western diet […]

Proper Diet For Practicing Yoga Meditation

There are different schools of thought when practicing yoga meditation when it comes to the proper kind of diet. Can you eat a normal everyday Western diet loaded with meat and fat, but still expect to garner the same results as someone who practices a largely vegan or lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. From my own personal […]

Yoga for Weight Loss

Some people question whether practicing yoga for weight loss can be sufficiently intense of an exercise regimen to help them maintain an ideal body weight. It would most likely depend on the style of yoga one practices. More active forms of yoga will naturally burn more calories than those with less strenuous activity. Nritya yoga […]

The Tibetan Chakra Diet and Yoga Meditation For Better Health

The Tibetan Chakra Diet might be just the thing for those of you inclined to simplify your life and at the same time empower your own health. For better or for worse, modern living gives to us many benefits each day. On the downside, it can also extract its pound of flesh from us. I […]