Yoga And Strength Training Can Equally Benefit Bone Mass

Yoga was long thought to be of limited benefit to maintaining bone density. Not so say recent studies, which increasingly support the concept that weight bearing yoga techniques are comparably effective to strength and weight bearing exercise regimens. Here, Mary Tolley Rhodes of Demand Media, writing for AZCentral.Com, provides some insight into recent developments in […]

Bikram Yoga Is A Hot Mashup!

Bikram yoga is really getting to be hot these days! No kidding.  While the term “Bikram” is actually copyrighted, it’s used together with several other related styles and sequence variations. A number of articles on the web recently appeared that made me want to bring them together for your consideration. First up is the Mother […]

Merging Mindfulness Meditation And Movement

Incorporating mindfulness meditation with movement is an active meditation option that I’m convinced many of you would find appealing. There are so many different ways to meditate. While it’s easy to think of meditation as a sedentary activity, you’re not limited to sitting still. I know personally that meditating while running is extremely relaxing and […]

Yoga Exercises For Beginners — A Mashup

Often novice students practicing yoga exercises for beginners will frequently ask about how to best execute poses or in fact which style of yoga is best. I thought I’d pass along some useful information around these topics from a couple of different sources that I thought would be helpful. First up is a website authored […]

Start Increasing Flexibility With Yoga Meditation Techniques

I can remember starting out doing beginner yoga meditation techniques that highlighted my lack of flexibility. I didn’t realize I was that bad, being relatively fit and all. I was very self conscious about it and was reluctant to join a class, until I realized that I wouldn’t be the only one with this particular […]

Yoga Exercises For The Long Run

Learning to properly practice yoga exercises, also called asanas or poses, is a lifelong process that improves fitness and health yet is never fully mastered. Even those who have been practicing for years can learn something from going back to a basic class and getting some objective guidance from an experienced teacher. Lizzie Fuhr posted […]

Tips For Getting Started With Yoga Exercises

A program of easy yoga exercises is very straightforward to start up and then to keep going. Before you get started, though, first get an opinion from your doctor, especially if you have any chronic health problems or you are over 30. I found the article below over at which gives some very sound […]

Yoga Exercises Create Unity And Balance

Sometimes it seems there are just about as many yoga exercises as there are people practicing yoga. Yet there are also unifying threads in all of the styles of yoga meditation that produce very similar effects, particularly unity and balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit. It seems everyone doing yoga takes a […]

Strength Yoga Exercises Benefit Men

Men who participate in sports activities regularly would also find it very helpful to include practicing strength yoga to improve their power and also to maintain their flexibility. Since many men participate in a relatively narrow range of sports activities, they tend to become less flexible over time. This lack of flexibility can make them […]

Should Yoga Exercises Teach Us How To Bend It Like — Barbie?

I was looking for some article on yoga exercises, but I thought I’d write about this item just to see what happens. When I ran across this article by author Brandi over at Diets in, I wondered whether such a fuss over a child’s toy was really warranted. Now, I’m pretty concerned about childhood […]

Improve Your Health With Yoga Exercises – In Just 20 Minutes A Day

Yoga exercises have very powerful effects on both mind and body. How much time do you really need to spend doing it each day to get sustained benefits from it? Well Nina Zolotow tells us that any exercise for as little as 20 minutes a day is enough. Any activity that gets us out of […]

Strength Yoga – Bend It Like Bikram

Hey guys, what if I told you that getting strong was as easy as practicing Bikram strength yoga. What! No way! Well, as an alternative to lifting iron, this is one method that has some solid science behind it. Now, Bikram yoga is very different, because it actually forces controlled lengthy contractions of all the […]

Proper Yoga Breathing Techniques Improve Health

One form of yoga called pranayama yoga puts great emphasis on proper yoga breathing techniques. A recent post at Energize.Com describes several specific health benefits you might expect from regularly practicing proper yoga breathing. Proper Yoga Breathing Techniques Improve Health Pranayama yoga is a type of yoga that is centered on breath control.  Although breathing […]

Clear The Air For Your Best Yoga Breathing Techniques

The best yoga breathing techniques need clean air to work their magic on your health. Breathing exercises, called pranayama, force life giving oxygen into the body while removing waste products. This is the focus of yoga meditation and helps to purify the body. Polluted air defeats the primary purpose of pranayama and is inconsistent with […]

Achieving Your Balance With Playful Yoga Meditation

What if I told you that you could have your yoga cake and eat it too? No, really. There’s a new form of yoga that’s play based and, for lack of a better term, I’ll just call playful yoga meditation. It’s built on what looks like cooperative play between participants who balance each other, developing […]

The Healing Power of Laughter Yoga

It appears there’s a new global phenomenon catching on called laughter yoga that’s taken the world by storm. Apparently, participants come together in groups to laugh and conduct all sorts of silly mayhem. Whether or not you happen to start your session out in a jovial mood, the group sentiment is so contagious that once […]

Yoga Stretching Meditation

Practicing any form of yoga stretching meditation is an excellent way of experiencing relief of stress both in the physical body and in the mental experience. Any area of the body can be relieved of accumulated daily stress through the act of stretching that comes from executing a series of defined physical poses, while the […]

The Best Yoga For Runners

My own personal journey with running has taken me into searching out the best yoga for runners and preventing the kinds of injuries that often can catch up with you when you let your guard down. In an earlier post, I wrote about this topic as it has become increasingly relevant to maintain my (so […]

Yoga Stretching Techniques for Runners

  Have you heard about yoga stretching techniques that are good for those of us who happen to enjoy running? Now, I’ve been running off and on for many years, but one thing I always have had a problem with in the past (before I took up yoga) was this tightness that would develop around […]