Doctors Get Credit For Learning Yoga Poses

One of the ongoing responsibilities of being a physician is maintaining your knowledge base by earning a certain number of Continuing Medical Education (CME) each year. Recently I became aware that learning yoga poses will count toward that requirement. The medical profession likes to embrace technology to heal, but its roots were always set in […]

Why You Should Run To Yoga

Those of you who may be runners and have contemplated taking up yoga might want to give this article a quick read. Many runners out there have their own stories of injuries that they have accumulated over the many miles. Here is an article from CNN by a veteran runner by the name of John […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Health: September Is National Yoga Month

Well, here we are and it’s fall again. I just found out the Department of Health and Human Services has designated September as National Yoga Month. What a great way to make everyone aware that yoga meditation benefits health. Events are being planned throughout the month, and they aren’t limited to just us here in […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Heart Health

Are you just a little bit middle-aged? Do you ever worry about your heart health? Recent studies have suggested that yoga meditation benefits for your heart health may improve parameters like blood pressure and some of the ill effects related to chronic stress and poor lifestyle. A recent article by Kelli Cooper at Medical Daily […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Brain Neuroplasticity

There are many yoga meditation benefits to our bodies and our spirits, but our minds and, in particular, our brains also benefit. In this Huffington Post interview, writer and interviewer Dr. Eva Norlyk Smith interviews author Dr. Timothy McCall on the ins and outs of your brain’s wiring and how it affects what you do […]

Top Four Most Common Yoga Meditation Excuses Debunked

Let’s face it, there are plenty of excuses not to try yoga meditation. In fact, there are plenty of excuses not to do anything that’s good for you but isn’t easy. Here’s an article I ran across that takes what are probably the four most commonly heard excuses not to start a yoga routine and […]

Studies Show Yoga Meditation Benefits Mental Health

More studies continue to roll in which support the concept that yoga meditation benefits mental health, while at the same time also improving our neurological health. Disorders such as MS (multiple sclerosis), migraine headaches, and psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder seem to benefit from regular practice of yoga and meditation. Author Tara Haelle writing […]

The Best Yoga Diet For Health And Happiness

There’s always that nagging question when it comes to just what constitutes the best yoga diet: What should I be eating so that I can be consistent with my yoga meditation? My answer is consistently that you should move first toward a more vegetable focused diet, then toward a vegetarian diet, and ultimately a vegan […]

Rules To Guide You In Achieving Yoga Health Benefits

We practice on some level to achieve yoga health benefits that will improve both our mental and physical health and well being. Sometimes, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of yoga practice that is counterproductive to our higher goals. Jill Lawson writes at Diets in Review.Com about three cardinal rules in yoga that should […]

Yoga Health Benefits Unite Both Mind And Body

There are an increasing number of yoga health benefits documented through studies and personal experiences from individual yoga practitioners. There seem to be improvements relating to weight loss, strength enhancement, improvements in cardiovascular and endocrine functioning, and diminished stress and related mental health issues. So my question (as a doctor) is why aren’t we prescribing […]

Could Yoga Techniques Speed Recovery From Stroke? – Huffington Post

Some recent research studies with stroke patients seem to support that certain modified yoga techniques can help them to speed their recovery from stroke. As anyone who has a relative who has suffered from a stroke, the aftereffects can be very severe and life limiting. To be able to give these people some more of […]

Yoga Stretching For Flexibility And Weight Loss

There’s nothing better than improving your overall flexibility with yoga stretching, but can you also achieve weight loss with yoga? There’s debate on both sides, and it probably depends on the overall balance of activity, diet and years of yoga practice. Now, I have to say that I’ve never met anyone who practiced yoga meditation […]

The Power Of Yoga Healing

The power of yoga healing is showing up wherever yoga and meditation are practiced. It seems that whether you are young or old, or have conditions that may ordinarily be challenging to treat using conventional medicine, yoga meditation can help to diminish its effects and some of the adversity it can cause. Read what The […]

Yoga Meditation To Reduce Stress And Bring Peace of Mind

Many of us experience consistent daily stress due to our hectic lives, but practicing yoga meditation to reduce stress will bring us improved health and peace of mind. It’s tough enough when you are physically healthy to ward off the effects of chronic stress, but when you are sick it’s even more difficult. There are […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Mental Health

Here’s more evidence that yoga meditation benefits mental health. As we already know, daily stresses can accumulate to where they can wear us down physically and emotionally. Many people wind up having to see their doctor or a therapist because stress caused  disabling symptoms of depression or anxiety. These won’t go away without some kind […]

Does Yoga Meditation Help With Weight Loss?

For a very long time, proponents of yoga meditation have, to varying extents, touted its advantages in terms of increased flexibility, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, a more robust immune system, maintaining a healthy body weight, and even weight loss. A recent study did substantiate these claims, with the exception of the last one: weight […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits the Prepared Body

While yoga meditation benefits your health and well being and much documentation and research exists to substantiate that,  I’ve also encountered some articles recently, in which concerns over the safety and potential dangers to health from yoga were raised. Some caution would, at the very least, be prudent for the novice yoga practitioner before attempting […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Men

If you thought that all those many yoga meditation benefits to your health were strictly reserved for women, think again! There are a multitude of ways to improve your health if you’re a man using yoga meditation. I recently wrote about there being quite a few famous male celebrities who are either long term or […]

Yoga Meditation Calms Teenage Anxiety and Moodiness

Picture this: Your teenager comes into the house one evening and slams the door, runs to his or her room and shuts themselves in for two hours. When you try to have a normal conversation, they fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. Has anybody heard this already? This is pretty much par for […]

Yoga Healing

Do you have aches and pains, headaches, or other more serious medical issues? Why not try yoga healing as a means of relieving some of your problems? You can start today! Yoga Healing Although movement is essential to yoga practice, deep breathing and meditation are also fundamental. Depending how you incorporate these components, yoga can […]