Yoga Meditation Gives A Sense Of Release

Now, I have to admit at the outset that the title of this post is somewhat tongue-in-cheek when I tell you that yoga meditation will give you a sense of release. That’s usually meant on a more spiritual/psychological level. However, there are occasions that it could be construed literally. A yoga master had recently been […]

Yoga Meditation Helps Calm The Minds Of Students

Yoga meditation can improve the physical body as well as expand the mind and spirit. More college students are dealing with their stress by using yoga and meditation as a part of their daily routine. At Illinois State University, Lauren DeSalvo writing for the Daily Vidette prepared an article highlighting yoga and meditation techniques being […]

Is Yoga Meditation In America Yoga Or Meditation?

I think the title of this post says it all for me. I think that yoga meditation in America is largely viewed as a form of exercise for purposes of weight loss, strength building, keeping flexible and in shape. Yet, when you dig into yoga’s history, it becomes immediately apparent that it was never intended […]

Top Ten Yoga Meditation Questions Answered: First, What Is Yoga?

Sometimes I’m asked, “What is yoga meditation, anyway?” I have to answer in a way that doesn’t over simplify the topic and yet still conveys its true meaning. I intend to begin some more in depth discussions around teaching what yoga is all about in the near future.  I thought I’d get you all going […]

Six Tips For Yoga Meditation Beginners — Huffington Post

Here’s another article that outlines for the beginner starting out at yoga meditation some advice on what to do. It’s really simple and very basic, and it helps to counteract the very human tendency to over think any new project or undertaking. Author Charlotte Singmin writing for the Huffington Post outlines six very basic pieces […]

Yoga Meditation And The Teachings Of Paramahansa Yogananda

I first read about yoga meditation years ago when I was in graduate school at Cornell. I still have Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, Autobiography of a Yogi, in my clinic office. It was a very moving and inspirational story. When I read about the recent week long convocation of devotees of his teachings, I realized that […]

Best Ways To Keep Your Yoga Meditation Routine Fresh

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes even my own yoga meditation routine can seem a bit stale, day after day. Now, I recently ran across this piece by Lizzie Fuhr over at FitSugar where she reminds us about seven ways that we can introduce some variety into our yoga practices. Best Ways To […]

Heal Yourself With Ayurvedic Diet And Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation can become the centerpiece to your ability to heal from the toxicity of daily living. Our modern-day diet is chock full of toxins that simply accumulate in our bodies and cause us harm over time. Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle can counteract this. It is nothing new, since it’s almost 5,000 years old. It […]

Mantra Vibration And Yoga Meditation

Do you chant a mantra when you’re practicing yoga meditation? I know that when I first began I wondered what that was all about, but I did it anyway. Now I understand why. The highlighted article by Sohan Kaur at Spirit Voyage does a very nice job of explaining what’s happening and how it affects […]

Yoga Meditation And The Art Of Being Content

Yesterday I did a piece on happiness through yoga meditation that featured Ira Israel. Today I’d like to follow up on that with the idea of being content and satisfied with one’s situation and surroundings. Some might argue that they are one and the same, and perhaps they are. I would suppose it’s hard to […]

Tara Stiles, Russell Simmons & Facebook — A Yoga Meditation Mashup

Now how do you suppose these three came together for this week’s yoga meditation mashup? At first glance, it might not be so obvious as to what they have in common, but let’s go ahead and dig in a bit deeper. There is a common thread here. It’s all about human interaction and the unity […]

Raja Yoga Meditation Increases Awareness – Huffington Post

Can Raja yoga meditation bring you peace? So says Sister Jenna over at the Huffington Post. By increasing your awareness and sense that you are indeed peaceful, the major challenges and confrontations that might ordinarily provoke anger simply won’t get a rise out of us. It’s really all about choices and choosing not to let […]

Yoga Meditation Makes You Stop And Smell The Roses – Huffington Post

I’m a huge advocate of yoga meditation, simply for no other reason that it forces us to slow down and focus on ourselves and what is truly important in our lives. The times we are living in right now are simply more stressful than us little humans were designed for. In my own practice, I […]

Yoga Meditation Alters Your Brain

Yoga meditation can have the power to changes lives, and not just metaphorically. I remember when I was in college, all those many years ago, and how stressful it could be. Preparing for exams was particularly grueling and would require many nights of short or even no sleep. For many undergraduates, there’s severe insomnia as […]

Motherhood, Apple Pie and Meditation – Huffington Post

With the demands of parenting these days, you sometimes don’t know if you’re coming or going. To prevent themselves from burnout, more and more single moms are squeezing in some time for meditation to center themselves. Jeanne Ball writes at the Huffington Post about a new social movement taking place at the grass roots level. […]

Yoga Meditation Relieves Stress And Quiets The Mind

Just wanted to bring in all of you a short message today. You know, daily stress comes at us from all sides, but daily yoga meditation relieves stress because it gives us a way to let that stress go. Yoga meditation quiets both the mind and the body together. Below is a short video I […]

Flex Your Body and Relax Your Mind With Yoga Meditation

Before I began practicing yoga meditation, I was daunted by the whole concept. After all, the austerity and sacrifice that was required (or so I believed) just wasn’t part of my makeup. But after I looked more closely at what practicing yoga really involved and, more importantly, what benefits it would bring to my mental […]

On The Beach: Yoga Meditation By The Shore

With the warmer months almost upon us, why not think about doing yoga meditation on the beach? What with the fresh air and sunshine (but don’t forget the sunblock), it seems to be catching on with more people. Matthew McConaughey and several other well known celebrities have endorsed its benefits for them. Exercising in sand […]

Best Yoga Teachers Quotes – (Slideshow)

This being Sunday and all, and especially as it’s also Mother’s Day, I thought I’d try to do something a little bit different. I thought I’d do a slideshow, highlighting some of the best yoga teachers and some quotations attributed to them. Now admittedly, these are my five for right now, but there are so […]

Teens Kinder Through Practicing Yoga Meditation

I had recently posted an article about the health benefits to high school teenagers through practicing yoga meditation as a part of their physical education curriculum. Now another high school, this one in Canada, has found that the culture of their school improved and the students were more kind and respectful when yoga meditation was […]