Yoga Meditation Reduces Stress And Inflammation — A Mashup

Yoga meditation keeps popping up in the news regarding its benefits to our health by letting us all reduce our stress. The human body was not designed to withstand constant stress on a continuous basis. The fight or flight response was designed to ramp us up for brief periods in order to preserve us. This […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits The Mind

Considering the many known yoga meditation benefits for the body, the ultimate beneficiary may well be the mind. While increased strength and flexibility result from yoga, the mind is brought into a state of calm and focus through the practice of specific asanas and breathing techniques. Here writer and yoga instructor Jai Lyles contributes her […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Back Pain Sufferers — Huffington Post

Among those who regularly receive yoga meditation benefits, it would seem that now those suffering from chronic back pain are now being added to the list. In a recent post by Amanda L. Chan at the Huffington Post, studies identifying the costs related to treatment and absenteeism involving those suffering from chronic back pain are […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Health In Seniors — Huffington Post

Yoga meditation benefits health in seniors in ways that you wouldn’t expect at first glance. Recent studies have demonstrated the stress of getting older causes isolation and loneliness, which indirectly stresses the immune system and other body systems which help sustain life. A recent article in the Huffington Post highlighted this relationship. Written by Laura […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Our Still Small Voice

While yoga meditation benefits us in many ways, it’s easy to just focus on the physical, mental, or grand spiritual aspects. Yet, sometimes, we can achieve something even more useful from yoga and meditation. Sometimes, we can acquire a sense of peace and acceptance between ourselves and the world we inhabit. I ran across this […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Mental Health In Recovering Drug Abusers

There are numerous ways in which yoga meditation benefits mental health, especially in relation to anxiety and mood regulation. The development of improved mental and psychological patterns through the guided practice of yoga and meditation help create an environment conducive to recovery. This also helps to lessen the need for the individual to self medicate […]

Are Yoga Meditation Benefits For Both The Spirit And The Body?

When I originally set up this blog, I explained why I named it “yoga meditation benefits“. Yoga and meditation were never intended to be separated from one another. Instead, the practice of yoga was meant to prepare the body for meditation and to enhance the experience. Only recently in western culture have we conceived of […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Happiness — Ira Israel Mashup

Yoga meditation benefits many facets of our lives, with the most important one being that of enabling us to achieve a state of happiness. Now, I often find myself saying to patients who are presenting to me with complaints of depression that I can make them “not-depressed” — but I can’t make them happy. That’s […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Indian Olympic Hockey Team

It looks as if there can be some yoga meditation benefits for the Indian Hockey Olympic Team, too.  After experiencing an eight year absence from the games, they’ll be pushing to make a strong come back in the upcoming London Olympic Games this year. Team members are attributing their mental preparation in no small part […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Your Health The Same As Alcohol?

Well, that’s it! I’m done! At first glance this blog title suggested that new research has just demonstrated you can achieve the very same yoga meditation benefits to your health as you get just by drinking alcohol! Well, in a word – no. Actually, when I read it and I saw these side-by-side pics I […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Improved Concentration

With regular practice you can achieve many yoga meditation benefits, but among them one stands out. It’s an improvement in the ability to concentrate. I’ve personally found that with all of the demands put onto my brain by others, my improved focus is really turning out to be something truly valuable. Now, as we get […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Depression

It’s becoming increasingly more challenging to care for aging family members. As we Boomers get older, more of us will be taking on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent or spouse with a chronic illness. As they continue to get older, the likelihood they will develop some form of dementia will go up […]

Unexpected Yoga Meditation Benefits By Yogi Joschi Schwarz

While you might be aware of several of the more well known yoga meditation benefits, there happen to be a surprising number of lesser known yet significant health and wellness benefits to be had. Featured in a recent press release, Joschi Schwarz, the owner of a yoga club in New York City, has come forward […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Everyone

If you stop and think about it, there are a lot of yoga meditation benefits to be gained from regular practice. I mean, not counting all of the health and fitness gains that you can achieve, there are also the increases in mental and spiritual well being. Rosie Acosta, who is here writing for Fox […]

Best Yoga Meditation Benefits With Power Yoga

There are many new and emerging forms of yoga catching on, a recent one being power yoga. Now there are many ways of achieving yoga meditation benefits from regular yoga practice, but while some like a more calm and measured form of yoga meditation technique, others much prefer a more active and vigorous activity. Power […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Balance, Strength And Peace of Mind

There are many yoga meditation benefits that are less obvious than physical health. Sometimes life just deals us a particularly difficult hand of cards to play. Having a sense of being centered within ones spiritual and physical person can help us play that hand of cards best. Ellie Chamberlain found yoga meditation to be a […]

Cannes Alec Baldwin Really Endorse Yoga Meditation Benefits?

I wrote about some famous male celebrities who are getting yoga meditation benefits, and one of the most noteworthy was Alec Baldwin. Recently, he was at the Cannes Film Festival where he made a short video clip endorsing the benefits of yoga. It really has had a positive impact on both his health and on […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits – Welcome!

Welcome to Yoga Meditation Benefits! My intent is to have this site become a gathering place for like-minded individuals who are also interested in improving their physical health and wellness while achieving spiritual benefits through yoga meditation techniques. I’m currently a physician practicing in the upper mid-west. A big part of my own motivation for […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Both Mental And Physical Health

Numerous yoga meditation benefits to your health from regular practice continue to be documented. The more studies that get done, the more the evidence in favor of doing regular yoga meditation seems to accumulate. These benefits are both physical as well as mental health in nature. Here’s a short summary appearing over at Yoga […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Stroke Rehabilitation

The devastating effects of a stroke can be very difficult to recover from, but recent studies have demonstrated that yoga meditation benefits those individuals with a speedier and improved level of recovery. In as little as 8 weeks, there were noticeable improvements in those participants employing yoga techniques to improve their motor stability and strength. […]