Could Yoga Techniques Speed Recovery From Stroke? – Huffington Post

Some recent research studies with stroke patients seem to support that certain modified yoga techniques can help them to speed their recovery from stroke. As anyone who has a relative who has suffered from a stroke, the aftereffects can be very severe and life limiting. To be able to give these people some more of their previous abilities back would certainly be welcome. Most notably in the studies done, stroke patients sense of balance seemed to improve, along with their ability to walk more normally. The story highlighted here at the Huffington Post provides more details about these studies.

Could Yoga Techniques Speed Recovery From Stroke? – Huffington Post

Yoga Stroke Rehabilitation

Yoga may be a powerful tool in stroke rehabilitation, according to new research.

yoga techniques

Simple yoga techniques may help speed recovery from a stroke. Photo by Stockbyte c/o Photos.Com.

The study, presented as two separate analyses at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, shows that spending eight weeks in an adapted yoga program helped stroke survivors to have greater balance, be more flexible, be stronger and have more endurance and strength.

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Simple modified yoga techniques can be used to help stroke victims diminish the severity of their stroke. What a wonderful gift, to be able to offer an individual a way back to a point closer to where they were before the stroke happened. With all of the Boomers out there continuing to get older, strokes will become much more commonplace. Having one more way of diminishing the severity a stroke’s aftermath is a welcome and useful piece of knowledge and certainly something to pass along.

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