Fun and Fitness Through Nritya Yoga Dance

Picture yourself in a quiet park some early spring morning. You’re being active and moving gracefully, yet you’re perfectly relaxed at the same time. This is the joyful balance that Nritya yoga dance lets its practitioners experience. A unique form of yoga developed by Rajeev K. Nair, it’s also called slim yoga because of its tremendous ability to burn away excess body fat. Nritya yoga dance is designed be tailored to each participant’s degree of fitness, so anyone can join in at their own level.

Keerthy Ramachandran over at the Deccan Chronicle wrote a very nice piece about this.

Fun and Fitness Through Nritya Yoga Dance

A unique concept developed by Rajeev, a yoga exponent who works at the General Hospital Kochi, slim yoga is a therapeutic approach of trimming down the body by burning out excess fat through intense yoga steps and meditation.

Nritna yoga dance

Nritya yoga dance, aka slim yoga.

Rajeev says, “Moving through different stages, slim yoga is administered on the students at a personalised level. Even in a class comprising students of different physique and from all age groups, I inspect each of their medical history, observe the body pattern and accordingly train them on the steps appropriate to shape their bodies perfectly.

” A highly effective treatment that is touted to show changes within the first ten days itself, Rajeev explains that the more a student is ready to co-operate with the vigorous sessions, the greater the results.


Read more of this very informative article here.

So whatever your fitness level happens to be right now, you can always start doing Nritya yoga dance is a form of active meditation to achieve some inner peace while you’re losing some excess pounds.

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