Heal Yourself With Ayurvedic Diet And Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation can become the centerpiece to your ability to heal from the toxicity of daily living. Our modern-day diet is chock full of toxins that simply accumulate in our bodies and cause us harm over time. Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle can counteract this. It is nothing new, since it’s almost 5,000 years old. It teaches that for us to be spiritually, mentally and physically healthy, a number of resources (all natural) must be mobilized toward our bodies and our minds, with yoga and natural foods as a central part of that regimen. Here is an article by Lena Sin writing for The Province that features author and yoga instructor Amrita Sondhi and her views of Ayurveda.

 Heal Yourself With Ayurveda Diet And Yoga Meditation

People always ask Amrita Sondhi how she does it: Author of two cookbooks, designer and founder of the yoga-inspired clothing

yoga meditation

Ayurvedic yoga meditation techniques focus on natural foods and yoga to both energize and heal. Photo by Jupiterimages c/o Photos.Com.

line Movement Global, a painter and yoga teacher, the Bowen Island resident juggles more than most people would even think of attempting.

The secret, she says, is Ayurveda. “People are so surprised when they hear how much I do. To me it’s absolutely normal, it’s the energy running through my body. Now, that’s the life force energy that everybody has a right to. It’s the infinite life force that everyone has a running through their body if it’s not blocked up by all the toxic energy of toxic food,” she says.

Clearly yoga meditation and proper diet can have a dramatic effect on our lives, as Amrita Sondhi certainly endorses. The right food and good activity make up a good chunk of who we are. Daily reinforcing of good supportive activities make us better each day and lead us closer to that state of happiness we are all seeking in our lives.
Are you working toward happiness in your life. I’d be surprised if you said “no”. Have you tried yoga meditation or something like it? Have you thought about trying it out? Why not let me know what you think about it and let’s start a discussion.
The Self in you is the same as the Self Universal. Whatever powers are manifested throughout the world, those powers exist in germ, in latency, in you…. If you realize the unity of the Self amid the diversities of the Not-Self, then Yoga Will not seem an impossible thing to you.
                                                                                                                                                      — Annie Wood Besant

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