Is There A Yoga Diet Just Right For You?

Seems we can’t get away from the topic of what is or isn’t a good yoga diet. I just read a short post on another blog that related the writer’s ambivalence about grains and certain foods, and every once in a while falling off the dietary wagon, so to speak. Take a look on over at The Confluence Countdown. Will you be craving a pizza like I am right now?

Is There A Yoga Diet Just Right For You?

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A yoga diet can include grains, depending upon your preferences and dietary goals.

But that isn’t really where I think the “improvement” has come. I wish it were — because I’m a bit worried about the real source.

As extreme as our diet is, we’ve always considered it to be moderated by a meal or two during the weekend when we “fall off

the wagon.” It might be pizza. Or Mexican food. Or something involving wheat and bread.

It was enough to keep us on the path of moderation.

You can read the entire post here:

There can certainly be a yoga diet that purports moderation for everyone. I believe that the best diet for anyone practicing yoga meditation is going to always be a work in progress. If your dietary goals are running ahead of where you actually are at the moment, it will be much more difficult than it might be otherwise. Give it time and let your diet evolve to match your level of mastery.

What do you think? Does your diet match up with your yoga practice? Tell me what you think about this. Are you depriving yourself in any way? Are you ordering a pizza right now?

The best six doctors anywhere, and no one can deny it are: sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet. These six will gladly you attend, if only you are willing. Your mind they’ll ease, your will they’ll mend, and charge you not a shilling.

                           —  Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990

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