Kripalu Yoga Dance Benefits Teen Anxiety

Recent research on the benefits of Kripalu yoga dance has shown it to be tremendously beneficial for teenagers with anxiety in a yoga-ed program when it was compared against standard non-yoga physical education training. Though it was a small study, it showed benefits to the participants during a one-semester trial, with significant improvements in participant’s overall social well-being.

Kripalu Yoga Dance Benefits Teen Anxiety

In a small, randomized study of high school students, those who participated in a Kripalu-based yoga program for a semester showed significantly improved total mood disturbance and tension/anxiety scores compared with the students who partook in just their usual physical education (PE) classes.

Yoga for teen anxiety

Yoga reduces teen anxiety

This type of yoga program concentrates on breathing exercises and deep relaxation, meditation, and physical postures designed to develop strength and flexibility.

“Although not causal due to small, uneven sample size, this preliminary study suggests preventive benefits in psychosocial well-being from Kripalu yoga during high school PE,” write Jessica J. Noggle, PhD, from the Division of Sleep Medicine in the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, in Boston, Massachusetts, and colleagues.

In addition, “as an acquired skill, there is an expectation that this will serve to maintain mental health characteristics over the long term, if these practices are continued.”

The study is published in the April issue of the Journal of Development and Behavioral Pediatrics.


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This small study demonstrated noticeable benefits of Kripalu yoga dance as a viable method for reducing teen anxiety. Being a teen in high school is never easy. Now more than ever, teaching our children healthy ways to cope with life’s stresses is probably one of the most important life skills we can pass along to them.

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