On The Beach: Yoga Meditation By The Shore

With the warmer months almost upon us, why not think about doing yoga meditation on the beach? What with the fresh air and sunshine (but don’t forget the sunblock), it seems to be catching on with more people. Matthew McConaughey and several other well known celebrities have endorsed its benefits for them. Exercising in sand also generally makes for a more physically demanding workout if your yoga routine tends to be a bit more vigorous. Rebecca Bardelli at Yahoo Sports gives us five good reasons to get in a session of practicing yoga on the beach.

On The Beach: Yoga Meditation By The Shore

Yoga in an excellent workout to perform indoors on a mat, but practicing yoga poses (asanas) on the beach is also appealing and has many benefits. So, why try yoga on the beach? I will offer five good reasons to give it a try if you live near any type of beach.

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Yoga meditation by the shore provides many health benefits. Photo by StockByte c/o Photos.Com.

#1 Performing yoga in the sand strengthens secondary muscles¬† Sara Ivanhoe says, “Practicing on an uneven surface like sand builds the secondary muscles in your feet, hips, knees and shoulder joints.” Ivanhoe is a yoga instructor in Santa Monica, California.

#2 It is relaxing to perform yoga on the beach

What better way to get the ultimate mind, body experience than by performing yoga on the beach? Imagine listening to the sound of waves, smelling saltwater (for those near the ocean) and feeling the gentle touch of sand. No music is necessary because nature provides it own unique sounds, allowing one to relax while practicing asanas.

Read more here at Yahoo Sports:

I’m planning some time near the water this summer and I definitely intend to get in some quality time with yoga meditation when I’m there. I wonder if a sandbox, a CD of the ocean waves, and a wading pool would do? If you’re meditating with your eyes closed, would it be all that different?

If you have any vacation plans that might include yoga on the beach this summer, leave a comment below and let me know. Share the idea with a friend by liking this post.

The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.

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