Proper Yoga Breathing Techniques Improve Health

One form of yoga called pranayama yoga puts great emphasis on proper yoga breathing techniques. A recent post at Energize.Com describes several specific health benefits you might expect from regularly practicing proper yoga breathing.

Proper Yoga Breathing Techniques Improve Health

Pranayama yoga is a type of yoga that is centered on breath control.  Although breathing happens even if you don’t think about it, it is good to control your inhalation and exhalation process because it can give you some

yoga breathing techniques

Yoga breathing techniques are central to Pranayama Yoga. Photo by Thinkstock c/o Photos.Com.

physical and mental benefits. The air is a free source of energy that keeps us alive.  By breathing in air, we are supplying our blood with oxygen that keeps the cells of our body active.  Proper oxygen intake plays a big role in keeping us physically and mentally alert, and this is fully enhanced with regular practice.

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Properly practicing yoga breathing techniques in pranayama yoga delivers health benefits tthroughout the entire body. Increased oxygen to the vital organ systems gives them nourishment, rest, and stress relief. This approach provides a very efficient way to maintain good health and keep both your body and mind in optimum condition.

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In truth, it matters less what we do in practice than how we do it and why we do it. The same posture, the same sequence, the same meditation with a different intention takes on an entirely new meaning and will have entirely different outcomes.

                                                                                              — Donna Farhi

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