Proper Yoga Diet Enhances Yoga Meditation Benefits

There is a belief that a proper yoga diet can significantly effect your practice of yoga meditation as well as greatly benefit your overall health. This stems from the belief that food contains a certain prana, or life energy. Now, I have come to find this a fascinating subject for reasons that I won’t get into today, but the article from Sheila Wilson does a great job of explaining why a proper yoga diet is so important.

Proper Yoga Diet Enhances Yoga Meditation Benefits

Food plays a vital role in the life of every person and the food has been seen as the “prana” or life force. A yoga diet is a one that gives energy, strength, stamina, self-determination and courage. Maintaining a healthy diet that consists of foods that are wholesome, pure, and clean will enhance the benefits of yoga practice. The yoga diet features foods that are easily digestible and refreshing.

The quality of the foods we consume becomes evident

Yoga Diet

Proper yoga diet focuses on organic natural foods. Photo: Monticello c/o Photos.Com

during the time of meditation. It is very common for people who meditate to become aware of problems with their lifestyles. If the person is having difficulty staying awake and alert, this is known as the tamasic effect. A second problem during meditation is the opposite effect of being overactive. This is called the rajasic effect. If the people who are meditating want the ability to keep their minds quiet, then they should maintain a diet that will help the in exploring the subtle nature.

Here’s what she says about leftovers:

The foods that are present in the diet should be fresh since leftovers will lead to the lack of energy of a tamasic effect. There are some exceptional cases, a healthy and tasty meal that leads to feeling comfortable and energized isn’t any guarantee that the food will provide the same pleasure when it is reheated another day. Freshly prepared food is a vital component of the yoga diet.

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Well, there you have it. I guess organic and fresh vegetarian or vegan is the way to go. Since I wrote about the Dr. Dean Ornish program last week, it fits with what we are starting to understand about health and disease and how our diets relate to them. The proper yoga diet can make an important contribution to our good health, whether we practice yoga meditation or not.

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