Reversing Heart Disease Without Drugs

I was very gratified to hear recently that the Dr. Dean Ornish program for reversing heart disease without drugs is now going to be covered under Medicare. For those of you who may not have heard of him, Dr. Ornish is a pioneer and champion of naturally maintaining good health through a program of yoga meditation and essentially a vegan diet. It has been clinically demonstrated to reverse the cardiovascular injuries associated with heart disease. In the CNN article excerpted below, the Koronas, a married couple who apparently have a strong family history on both sides for heart disease, were motivated to adopt the Ornish program. They seem to be doing very well and particularly benefit from yoga meditation.

Reversing Heart Disease Without Drugs

Ornish believes that fear cannot motivate lifestyle change in people long-term. Change has to be about feeling better and having more zest for life. The greater the change, the better the feeling, he says.

That seems to ring true for the Koronas. Despite the grim history of heart disease, they say it’s how good they feel that keeps them living the lifestyle that their neighbors sometimes find strange.

“If I was going to be able to participate as a grandparent in his life, that gave me another incentive, that really did,” Kathy explains. “But in order to do that, I needed to feel good about myself first.”

Yoga Meditation and Dean Ornish Diet

Yoga meditation and Dr. Dean Ornish diet can dramatically reverse heart disease.

The Koronas’ favorite yoga positions are “cobra” and “fish,” and their favorite pizza is meatless meat-lovers, made with soy pepperoni and soy “ground beef.”

“Usually at the end of the session, the instructor will say, ‘Now the reward, get into the total relaxation pose,’ and we do that, and it just feels so good,” Kathy says.

Together the Koronas have lost 85 pounds on the program, and Frank is off of four medications.

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I have always believed that this approach that Dr. Ornish developed and championed all these years actually reverses the root cause of the disease process itself. Our bodies are designed to be healthy throughout our lives. Yoga meditation together with a healthy diet helps our bodies to maintain themselves in a naturally healthy state. With Medicare now on board, other insurance plans will follow. This represents a milestone in truly preventive medicine becoming more mainstream in our healthcare system.

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I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.   
– John Burroughs

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