Six Tips For Yoga Meditation Beginners — Huffington Post

Here’s another article that outlines for the beginner starting out at yoga meditation some advice on what to do. It’s really simple and very basic, and it helps to counteract the very human tendency to over think any new project or undertaking. Author Charlotte Singmin writing for the Huffington Post outlines six very basic pieces of advice that novice yoga practitioners should certainly consider.

 Six Tips For Yoga Meditation Beginners — Huffington Post

Trying out any new activity can be intimidating, especially one where advanced students are twisting their bodies into pretzel-like

yoga meditation

Practicing yoga meditation requires only a few basic items. Photo by George Doyle c/o Photos.Com.

poses. Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from discovering yoga, and radically improving your health. Use these six tips to help demystify your first yoga experience and get yourself to class!

1. No shoes required. Expect to practice yoga barefoot. Not only is yoga done without shoes, but if you’re attending class at a studio, it is generally asked that participants leave their shoes in a designated area, usually near the entrance. This not only helps keep things hygienic and clean, but is also a sign of respect. Performance-wise, bare feet grip to your yoga mat more easily than shoes, helping you to balance and move more skillfully from pose to pose.

2. You’ll need a mat. One of the great things about practicing yoga is that you don’t need an expensive arsenal of equipment. In general, yoga is done on a sticky mat, which can cost you as little as $15, although like most products on the market, there are more expensive versions available. If you care to have your mat made from organic recycled materials, or of a professional grade from a well-known manufacturer, expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100+. But if you are just starting out, or if cost is your deciding factor, a $15 mat will do you just fine. Also, most yoga studios will either lend or rent yoga mats for a dollar or two.

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While yoga meditation can be practiced anywhere, you do need to have a few basic items and remember a few simple rules. That said, it really isn’t that complicated or involved. Remember, have fun and enjoy yourself.

Why not leave a comment and share your thoughts. If you too are just starting out with yoga, go ahead and share your experiences and advice with other beginners out there by clicking the like button.

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