Start Increasing Flexibility With Yoga Meditation Techniques

I can remember starting out doing beginner yoga meditation techniques that highlighted my lack of flexibility. I didn’t realize I was that bad, being relatively fit and all. I was very self conscious about it and was reluctant to join a class, until I realized that I wouldn’t be the only one with this particular problem. Since doing yoga is all about focusing on your own body and your own practice, the others in the class just seemed to fade into the background and I could stop concerning myself about it. To get some perspective, go and see this article written by Julie Eisenberg over at Spirit Voyage. She does a very nice job of putting it all into perspective.

 Start Increasing Flexibility With Yoga Meditation Techniques

Almost every day I hear from yoga beginners that they’re just too inflexible to practice yoga.   Even some of the most basic yoga

yoga meditation techniques

Improve your flexibility with yoga meditation techniques. Photo by Jupiterimages c/o Photos.Com.

poses can be daunting to a beginner who has never gotten close to touching his toes or flexing her spine.  But if your muscles are tight and your joints are inflexible, this is all the more reason to begin to practice yoga!

Sometimes we’re put off by fear.  “I’m afraid I’ll look stupid” is a common excuse that I hear.  The reality is that most yoga classes—particularly those for beginners—are filled with people who are similarly physically tight.   However, once the class starts, you won’t even notice what other people are doing because the teacher will remind you time and time again to focus on your own yoga practice.  And if you do take a moment to open your eyes and look around, you’ll see that few if any of your classmates look like the yoga models we see in magazines and in ads!

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So all you beginners out there, many simple  yoga meditation techniques will let even the stiffest of students gradually limber up and increase their flexibility over time. Maintaining our flexibility as we age is also great for preventing the many common injuries I see happening to the elderly that wind up taking them from the mainstream of society and limiting the quality of their lives. So keep practicing and stay loose!

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Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.                                           — The Buddha

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