Stay Healthy With Yoga Meditation Practices

There are an increasing number of documented health benefits derived from regular yoga meditation practices. Numerous medical research studies have shown the health benefits that practitioners can achieve by practicing the art of yoga regularly.

Stay Healthy With Yoga Meditation Practices

Practicing yoga for an hour and a half three times a week can make your heart healthier in just six weeks, says recent research from the Yale University School of Medicine. The 33 men and women who did just that lowered their blood

yoga meditation practices

Yoga meditation practices can give many health benefits. Photo: Thinkstock Images c/o Photos.Com.

pressure and improved their blood vessels’ ability to expand and contract by 17 percent. “How well the blood vessels dilate is a good indication of how healthy the heart is,” says Satish Sivasankaran, MD, author of the study. Researchers speculate that the improvement is due to the stress-reducing benefits of yoga.

Weight loss is always a topic that more and more people are interested in finding out about. Yoga meditation has been found to possibly have an answer for them.

Researchers can’t say exactly why, but two recent studies show that yoga helps with weight loss and maintenance. After surveying more than 15,000 adults, researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that those who didn’t practice yoga gained about 18.5 pounds more over a 10-year period than those who practiced for at least four years. A second study from the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, found that people who practiced yoga and meditation regularly, exercised, and watched their diet lost more weight than those who exercised and ate a healthy diet but skipped yoga.

Read the entire article by Hagar Scher via Fitness Magazine Healthy Living at Yahoo Shine:

There are many yoga meditation practices that can be started by almost anyone at any fitness level. Make sure you check with your doctor first before beginning just to be safe.

Let me know if you’ve started a yoga meditation practice for yourself, and how you are doing. Leave a comment below.

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