Yoga Weight Loss: Not By Bread Alone

I think that there’s a deep, unspoken desire among many who practice yoga that there will be bestowed upon them a yoga weight loss benefit. It ain’t necessarily so. Now, following the guidelines set forth on the stone tablets housed at the Mayo Clinic and enshrined at WebMD, there is probably no way you’ll ever […]

Bikram Yoga — Some Like It Hot

Yeah, I know. But really, I couldn’t pass up that title! Seriously, though, as you know, Bikram yoga, aka “hot yoga”, is practiced in a very warm (some would say hot) environment. This has the advantage of loosening the body and intensifying the nature of the yoga routine, which is much more physically demanding and […]

Bikram Yoga World Champion — Best Yoga Video Series

I thought I’d start highlighting some of the best yoga videos that I’ve run across. This particular video features Kasper van den Wijngaard demonstrating Bikram yoga. Now, normally Bikram yoga is done in a very hot environment, that’s why it’s also called hot yoga. I’m truly awed by his form and his control. Very impressive. […]

Strength Yoga – Bend It Like Bikram

Hey guys, what if I told you that getting strong was as easy as practicing Bikram strength yoga. What! No way! Well, as an alternative to lifting iron, this is one method that has some solid science behind it. Now, Bikram yoga is very different, because it actually forces controlled lengthy contractions of all the […]

Unity Through Yoga Meditation Techniques

Having only just recently started practicing yoga meditation techniques, I’ve found that working them into my daily routine has sometimes been a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, every time I finish a routine, I feel better for it both physically and mentally. The practice of yoga meditation is a journey and not a destination. The […]