Laugh Your Way To Health With Laughter Yoga

Just what is laughter yoga anyway? It’s very popular and quite a distinction from the usual physical and meditative endeavors most yoga practitioners practice. It’s marvelously restorative and becoming increasingly popular. Here writer Debbie Friend MSc. gives her perspective at Yahoo Shine. Laugh Your Way To Health With Laughter Yoga We’ve all heard that laughter […]

Can You Achieve True Happiness With Yoga Meditation Techniques?

I often tell my patients that I can treat their depression, but I can’t make them happy. It seems obvious, yet most people commonly think that if they aren’t happy, then they’re depressed. Not so simple. While medications, for example, can relieve symptoms of depression, attaining a state of true happiness requires quite a bit […]

The Healing Power of Laughter Yoga

It appears there’s a new global phenomenon catching on called laughter yoga that’s taken the world by storm. Apparently, participants come together in groups to laugh and conduct all sorts of silly mayhem. Whether or not you happen to start your session out in a jovial mood, the group sentiment is so contagious that once […]

Laughter Yoga is No Joke

When someone first told me about laughter yoga, I actually thought they were kidding me. I’m not actually surprised anymore. When I’m working in the clinic, I always wind up telling jokes or bringing humor into the situation somehow to decrease the tension a bit. This style of yoga was originated by a doctor in […]