Yoga Meditation Techniques Can Reduce Depression In Pregnancy

Several yoga meditation techniques have the ability to improve our mental well being. Yoga meditation, particularly mindfulness meditation focused yoga, can benefit our mental health in general. These techniques help us to ward off chronic stress related illnesses because they help us to dissipate daily stress in a very healthy way. Without regular yoga, however, […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Happiness — Ira Israel Mashup

Yoga meditation benefits many facets of our lives, with the most important one being that of enabling us to achieve a state of happiness. Now, I often find myself saying to patients who are presenting to me with complaints of depression that I can make them “not-depressed” — but I can’t make them happy. That’s […]

Motherhood, Apple Pie and Meditation – Huffington Post

With the demands of parenting these days, you sometimes don’t know if you’re coming or going. To prevent themselves from burnout, more and more single moms are squeezing in some time for meditation to center themselves. Jeanne Ball writes at the Huffington Post about a new social movement taking place at the grass roots level. […]