Yoga Meditation Helps Calm The Minds Of Students

Yoga meditation can improve the physical body as well as expand the mind and spirit. More college students are dealing with their stress by using yoga and meditation as a part of their daily routine. At Illinois State University, Lauren DeSalvo writing for the Daily Vidette prepared an article highlighting yoga and meditation techniques being […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Our Still Small Voice

While yoga meditation benefits us in many ways, it’s easy to just focus on the physical, mental, or grand spiritual aspects. Yet, sometimes, we can achieve something even more useful from yoga and meditation. Sometimes, we can acquire a sense of peace and acceptance between ourselves and the world we inhabit. I ran across this […]

Best Five Yoga Meditation Techniques For Bone And Joint Health

There are an abundance of yoga meditation techniques that can enhance your physical integrity, aside from any spiritual and emotional benefits. As we age, our bodies have a tendency to deteriorate unless we are actively engaged in activities such as yoga that preserve and enhance our health and flexibility. Writing for the blog BreatheDenver.Com, writer […]

Yoga Meditation Techniques Are For Humanity — Huffington Post

While the many varied yoga meditation techniques continue to be bent, rearranged and modified, yoga is still at its most fundamental all about unity. Yoga has been adapted and modified over many lands and many years to suit the needs of its adherents. Yoga expert Leslie Hendry described some of her own thoughts and opinions […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Mental Health

Here’s more evidence that yoga meditation benefits mental health. As we already know, daily stresses can accumulate to where they can wear us down physically and emotionally. Many people wind up having to see their doctor or a therapist because stress caused¬† disabling symptoms of depression or anxiety. These won’t go away without some kind […]

Teens Kinder Through Practicing Yoga Meditation

I had recently posted an article about the health benefits to high school teenagers through practicing yoga meditation as a part of their physical education curriculum. Now another high school, this one in Canada, has found that the culture of their school improved and the students were more kind and respectful when yoga meditation was […]