Laugh Your Way To Health With Laughter Yoga

Just what is laughter yoga anyway? It’s very popular and quite a distinction from the usual physical and meditative endeavors most yoga practitioners practice. It’s marvelously restorative and becoming increasingly popular. Here writer Debbie Friend MSc. gives her perspective at Yahoo Shine. Laugh Your Way To Health With Laughter Yoga We’ve all heard that laughter […]

Yoga Meditation Techniques Promote Healing

We all know that yoga meditation techniques can promote spiritual and physical wellness, but what about actual physical healing. Author and athlete Alexandra Muller Arboleda writes for MindBodyGreen about her own transformational journey with yoga and her overcoming the limitations of her osteoarthritis. Yoga Meditation Techniques Promote Healing Yoga can heal our minds, bodies and […]

Rules To Guide You In Achieving Yoga Health Benefits

We practice on some level to achieve yoga health benefits that will improve both our mental and physical health and well being. Sometimes, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of yoga practice that is counterproductive to our higher goals. Jill Lawson writes at Diets in Review.Com about three cardinal rules in yoga that should […]

Tips For Getting Started With Yoga Exercises

A program of easy yoga exercises is very straightforward to start up and then to keep going. Before you get started, though, first get an opinion from your doctor, especially if you have any chronic health problems or you are over 30. I found the article below over at which gives some very sound […]

Yoga Exercises Create Unity And Balance

Sometimes it seems there are just about as many yoga exercises as there are people practicing yoga. Yet there are also unifying threads in all of the styles of yoga meditation that produce very similar effects, particularly unity and balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit. It seems everyone doing yoga takes a […]

Should Yoga Exercises Teach Us How To Bend It Like — Barbie?

I was looking for some article on yoga exercises, but I thought I’d write about this item just to see what happens. When I ran across this article by author Brandi over at Diets in, I wondered whether such a fuss over a child’s toy was really warranted. Now, I’m pretty concerned about childhood […]

Restorative Yoga: The Pause That Refreshes

Many of you need the ability to relax after a long hard day, and restorative yoga is just the ticket to get you there. Its aim is to help reinvigorate your energies by helping you to relax and unwind. Jeanne Millsap at the Herald-News writes about this increasingly popular variation of traditional yoga practice, which […]