Yoga Meditation Alters Your Brain

Yoga meditation can have the power to changes lives, and not just metaphorically. I remember when I was in college, all those many years ago, and how stressful it could be. Preparing for exams was particularly grueling and would require many nights of short or even no sleep. For many undergraduates, there’s severe insomnia as […]

Yoga Meditation Calms Teenage Anxiety and Moodiness

Picture this: Your teenager comes into the house one evening and slams the door, runs to his or her room and shuts themselves in for two hours. When you try to have a normal conversation, they fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. Has anybody heard this already? This is pretty much par for […]

Kripalu Yoga Dance Benefits Teen Anxiety

Recent research on the benefits of Kripalu yoga dance has shown it to be tremendously beneficial for teenagers with anxiety in a yoga-ed program when it was compared against standard non-yoga physical education training. Though it was a small study, it showed benefits to the participants during a one-semester trial, with significant improvements in participant’s […]