Yoga Meditation Techniques Promote Healing

We all know that yoga meditation techniques can promote spiritual and physical wellness, but what about actual physical healing. Author and athlete Alexandra Muller Arboleda writes for MindBodyGreen about her own transformational journey with yoga and her overcoming the limitations of her osteoarthritis. Yoga Meditation Techniques Promote Healing Yoga can heal our minds, bodies and […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Stroke Rehabilitation

The devastating effects of a stroke can be very difficult to recover from, but recent studies have demonstrated that yoga meditation benefits those individuals with a speedier and improved level of recovery. In as little as 8 weeks, there were noticeable improvements in those participants employing yoga techniques to improve their motor stability and strength. […]

Yoga Healing

Do you have aches and pains, headaches, or other more serious medical issues? Why not try yoga healing as a means of relieving some of your problems? You can start today! Yoga Healing Although movement is essential to yoga practice, deep breathing and meditation are also fundamental. Depending how you incorporate these components, yoga can […]

Yoga Meditation and Health

Just a short post here that I wanted to highlight on yoga meditation and its health benefits. Aside from the improvement in your physical health, yoga breathing will simply get more oxygen to the brain and let it function optimally, which sure makes thinking a lot easier. Yoga Meditation and Health Most people would, of […]