Yoga Meditation Benefits For Heart Health

Are you just a little bit middle-aged? Do you ever worry about your heart health? Recent studies have suggested that yoga meditation benefits for your heart health may improve parameters like blood pressure and some of the ill effects related to chronic stress and poor lifestyle. A recent article by Kelli Cooper at Medical Daily […]

Yoga Health Benefits Unite Both Mind And Body

There are an increasing number of yoga health benefits documented through studies and personal experiences from individual yoga practitioners. There seem to be improvements relating to weight loss, strength enhancement, improvements in cardiovascular and endocrine functioning, and diminished stress and related mental health issues. So my question (as a doctor) is why aren’t we prescribing […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Men

If you thought that all those many yoga meditation benefits to your health were strictly reserved for women, think again! There are a multitude of ways to improve your health if you’re a man using yoga meditation. I recently wrote about there being quite a few famous male celebrities who are either long term or […]