Yoga Meditation Benefits – Welcome!

Welcome to Yoga Meditation Benefits! My intent is to have this site become a gathering place for like-minded individuals who are also interested in improving their physical health and wellness while achieving spiritual benefits through yoga meditation techniques. I’m currently a physician practicing in the upper mid-west. A big part of my own motivation for […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Both Mental And Physical Health

Numerous yoga meditation benefits to your health from regular practice continue to be documented. The more studies that get done, the more the evidence in favor of doing regular yoga meditation seems to accumulate. These benefits are both physical as well as mental health in nature. Here’s a short summary appearing over at Yoga […]

Raja Yoga Meditation Increases Awareness – Huffington Post

Can Raja yoga meditation bring you peace? So says Sister Jenna over at the Huffington Post. By increasing your awareness and sense that you are indeed peaceful, the major challenges and confrontations that might ordinarily provoke anger simply won’t get a rise out of us. It’s really all about choices and choosing not to let […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Everyone

If I were to ask you about your friends and family, I would bet there was at least one person you knew who might be interested in all of the many yoga meditation benefits for their health and well being. They might be young, or they might be older. Here’s a short article I found […]

Yoga Meditation Makes You Stop And Smell The Roses – Huffington Post

I’m a huge advocate of yoga meditation, simply for no other reason that it forces us to slow down and focus on ourselves and what is truly important in our lives. The times we are living in right now are simply more stressful than us little humans were designed for. In my own practice, I […]

Yoga Meditation To Reduce Stress And Bring Peace of Mind

Many of us experience consistent daily stress due to our hectic lives, but practicing yoga meditation to reduce stress will bring us improved health and peace of mind. It’s tough enough when you are physically healthy to ward off the effects of chronic stress, but when you are sick it’s even more difficult. There are […]

Does Yoga Meditation Help With Weight Loss?

For a very long time, proponents of yoga meditation have, to varying extents, touted its advantages in terms of increased flexibility, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, a more robust immune system, maintaining a healthy body weight, and even weight loss. A recent study did substantiate these claims, with the exception of the last one: weight […]

Yoga Meditation and Health

Just a short post here that I wanted to highlight on yoga meditation and its health benefits. Aside from the improvement in your physical health, yoga breathing will simply get more oxygen to the brain and let it function optimally, which sure makes thinking a lot easier. Yoga Meditation and Health Most people would, of […]

Proper Yoga Diet Enhances Yoga Meditation Benefits

There is a belief that a proper yoga diet can significantly effect your practice of yoga meditation as well as greatly benefit your overall health. This stems from the belief that food contains a certain prana, or life energy. Now, I have come to find this a fascinating subject for reasons that I won’t get […]

Managing Your Stress With Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be about more than just yoga and meditation. There are so many related aspects to our health that I didn’t want to limit what I wrote about. This is why I’m bringing you this article I found on mindfulness meditation. Being a health care professional in […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Male Celebrities

You might be surprised to learn that quite a few very well known male celebrities are experiencing yoga meditation benefits by practicing the art of yoga and meditation. In fact, several very famous male actors, musicians and political figures have been achieving long term benefits through many years of consistent yoga meditation. Men, particularly those […]

Tara Stiles Tells How to Heal a Broken Heart With Yoga Meditation

Tara Stiles’ new book describes the many common ailments that can be addressed using yoga meditation. She even talks about treating what’s known as “broken heart syndrome. There is actually a medical term for it that’s long and scary (stress cardiomyopathy), but I find it pleasantly reassuring that one of her simple yoga techniques can […]

Yoga Meditation to Help Control Diabetes

More Americans than ever are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Enter yoga meditation.  Let’s face it, our sedentary lifestyles and too-easy access to high calorie, low nutrient foods makes it increasingly likely to develop as we get older. Now there are drugs that can slow the progression of the illness, but a drug-free approach […]