Yoga And Meditation: There’s One Style Just For You

With so many different styles of both yoga and meditation to choose from, which one should you follow? It’s a good question to ask yourself if you’ve never done either one. Friends are often a deciding influence if they have made their own commitment to a particular style or practice philosophy. What if you don’t […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Our Still Small Voice

While yoga meditation benefits us in many ways, it’s easy to just focus on the physical, mental, or grand spiritual aspects. Yet, sometimes, we can achieve something even more useful from yoga and meditation. Sometimes, we can acquire a sense of peace and acceptance between ourselves and the world we inhabit. I ran across this […]

Yoga Breathing Techniques For The Beginner — Best Yoga Video Series

Proper yoga breathing techniques are very important and fundamental in mastering your practice of yoga. This video is excellent in teaching these techniques and providing the understanding in order to perform this part of your yoga properly. You may even want to use this video as a guide to your daily yoga practice. Yoga Breathing […]

Yoga Exercises For The Long Run

Learning to properly practice yoga exercises, also called asanas or poses, is a lifelong process that improves fitness and health yet is never fully mastered. Even those who have been practicing for years can learn something from going back to a basic class and getting some objective guidance from an experienced teacher. Lizzie Fuhr posted […]

Proper Yoga Breathing Techniques Improve Health

One form of yoga called pranayama yoga puts great emphasis on proper yoga breathing techniques. A recent post at Energize.Com describes several specific health benefits you might expect from regularly practicing proper yoga breathing. Proper Yoga Breathing Techniques Improve Health Pranayama yoga is a type of yoga that is centered on breath control.  Although breathing […]

Yoga Meditation Relieves Stress And Quiets The Mind

Just wanted to bring in all of you a short message today. You know, daily stress comes at us from all sides, but daily yoga meditation relieves stress because it gives us a way to let that stress go. Yoga meditation quiets both the mind and the body together. Below is a short video I […]

Proper Yoga Meditation Breathing for Beginners

As a newcomer to yoga meditation, I’m really interested in developing a proper yoga meditation breathing technique. Now, most of us have been breathing for some time now and you’d think there’s nothing there to teach, but in order to get the most from your yoga meditation routine, the way you breathe is especially important. […]