Yoga Meditation Techniques Promote Healing

We all know that yoga meditation techniques can promote spiritual and physical wellness, but what about actual physical healing. Author and athlete Alexandra Muller Arboleda writes for MindBodyGreen about her own transformational journey with yoga and her overcoming the limitations of her osteoarthritis. Yoga Meditation Techniques Promote Healing Yoga can heal our minds, bodies and […]

Yoga Meditation Techniques Are For Humanity — Huffington Post

While the many varied yoga meditation techniques continue to be bent, rearranged and modified, yoga is still at its most fundamental all about unity. Yoga has been adapted and modified over many lands and many years to suit the needs of its adherents. Yoga expert Leslie Hendry described some of her own thoughts and opinions […]

Best Yoga Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Question: When is it too late to begin a program of yoga meditation techniques? Answer: Never! Many people see all of the interest in yoga and start to read about all of the people out there doing all of those classes and give up before they start because they already feel left behind. This simply […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Improved Concentration

With regular practice you can achieve many yoga meditation benefits, but among them one stands out. It’s an improvement in the ability to concentrate. I’ve personally found that with all of the demands put onto my brain by others, my improved focus is really turning out to be something truly valuable. Now, as we get […]

Yoga For Beginners — Best Yoga Video Series

I was looking for just a really basic yoga for beginners video to help demonstrate simple asanas and ran I across this one. Truth be told, I was looking for one that my grandmother could do, and I think this is it. Try this routine and see for yourself. It’s only 20 minutes long. Yoga […]

Can You Achieve True Happiness With Yoga Meditation Techniques?

I often tell my patients that I can treat their depression, but I can’t make them happy. It seems obvious, yet most people commonly think that if they aren’t happy, then they’re depressed. Not so simple. While medications, for example, can relieve symptoms of depression, attaining a state of true happiness requires quite a bit […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Depression

It’s becoming increasingly more challenging to care for aging family members. As we Boomers get older, more of us will be taking on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent or spouse with a chronic illness. As they continue to get older, the likelihood they will develop some form of dementia will go up […]

Rules To Guide You In Achieving Yoga Health Benefits

We practice on some level to achieve yoga health benefits that will improve both our mental and physical health and well being. Sometimes, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of yoga practice that is counterproductive to our higher goals. Jill Lawson writes at Diets in Review.Com about three cardinal rules in yoga that should […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Everyone

If you stop and think about it, there are a lot of yoga meditation benefits to be gained from regular practice. I mean, not counting all of the health and fitness gains that you can achieve, there are also the increases in mental and spiritual well being. Rosie Acosta, who is here writing for Fox […]

There’s Plenty Of Yoga Meditation Techniques To Go Around

There are quite a variety of different yoga meditation techniques, and the different styles can be very confusing for a beginner. Writer Chiara Fucarino at the Daily Cup Of Yoga cuts through the clutter and confusion to explain, in very basic and simple language, just what each of the five basic styles of yoga are […]

Cannes Alec Baldwin Really Endorse Yoga Meditation Benefits?

I wrote about some famous male celebrities who are getting yoga meditation benefits, and one of the most noteworthy was Alec Baldwin. Recently, he was at the Cannes Film Festival where he made a short video clip endorsing the benefits of yoga. It really has had a positive impact on both his health and on […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits – Welcome!

Welcome to Yoga Meditation Benefits! My intent is to have this site become a gathering place for like-minded individuals who are also interested in improving their physical health and wellness while achieving spiritual benefits through yoga meditation techniques. I’m currently a physician practicing in the upper mid-west. A big part of my own motivation for […]

Could Yoga Techniques Speed Recovery From Stroke? – Huffington Post

Some recent research studies with stroke patients seem to support that certain modified yoga techniques can help them to speed their recovery from stroke. As anyone who has a relative who has suffered from a stroke, the aftereffects can be very severe and life limiting. To be able to give these people some more of […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Everyone

If I were to ask you about your friends and family, I would bet there was at least one person you knew who might be interested in all of the many yoga meditation benefits for their health and well being. They might be young, or they might be older. Here’s a short article I found […]

Yoga Meditation Relieves Stress And Quiets The Mind

Just wanted to bring in all of you a short message today. You know, daily stress comes at us from all sides, but daily yoga meditation relieves stress because it gives us a way to let that stress go. Yoga meditation quiets both the mind and the body together. Below is a short video I […]

Does Yoga Meditation Help With Weight Loss?

For a very long time, proponents of yoga meditation have, to varying extents, touted its advantages in terms of increased flexibility, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, a more robust immune system, maintaining a healthy body weight, and even weight loss. A recent study did substantiate these claims, with the exception of the last one: weight […]

Best Yoga Meditation Book For Beginners

I recently finished reading what I think is a great contender for my first choice pick as the best yoga meditation book for beginners. Now, this book has a really long title, “It’s Not About Putting Your Foot Behind Your Ear: An Inspiring Journey of Transformation Through Yoga.” Anyone who’s currently practicing or even thinking […]

Stay Healthy With Yoga Meditation Practices

There are an increasing number of documented health benefits derived from regular yoga meditation practices. Numerous medical research studies have shown the health benefits that practitioners can achieve by practicing the art of yoga regularly. Stay Healthy With Yoga Meditation Practices Practicing yoga for an hour and a half three times a week can make […]

Put More Meditation in Your Yoga Meditation

I’ve been noticing the continuous and growing interest in yoga meditation for several years now. What I seem to observe more of is the emphasis on yoga’s physical aspects, making it one more exercise alternative than a fusion of mind, body and spirit that it was originally intended to be. Some practitioners and yoga instructors […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits From Regular Practice

Daily practice makes anyone better, and daily yoga meditation benefits those dutiful practitioners the longer they continue it. I’ve found that my own simple routine has gotten quite a bit easier for me, mostly in terms of my increased flexibility and physical well being. Like so many others who are practicing yoga, this author describes […]