Tara Stiles, Russell Simmons & Facebook — A Yoga Meditation Mashup

Now how do you suppose these three came together for this week’s yoga meditation mashup? At first glance, it might not be so obvious as to what they have in common, but let’s go ahead and dig in a bit deeper. There is a common thread here. It’s all about human interaction and the unity […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Everyone

If you stop and think about it, there are a lot of yoga meditation benefits to be gained from regular practice. I mean, not counting all of the health and fitness gains that you can achieve, there are also the increases in mental and spiritual well being. Rosie Acosta, who is here writing for Fox […]

New Or Old School: An Evolution of Yoga Meditation Techniques

There seem to be so many apparently different yoga meditation techniques, yet there also seem to be different schools of thought on this subject. Some purists like Bikram Choudhury (who I featured in yesterday’s Slideshow) believe that there are only the eight original yoga styles (karma, hatha, raja, vedanta, bhakti, mantra, jnana and laya), while […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Male Celebrities

You might be surprised to learn that quite a few very well known male celebrities are experiencing yoga meditation benefits by practicing the art of yoga and meditation. In fact, several very famous male actors, musicians and political figures have been achieving long term benefits through many years of consistent yoga meditation. Men, particularly those […]

Fun and Fitness Through Nritya Yoga Dance

Picture yourself in a quiet park some early spring morning. You’re being active and moving gracefully, yet you’re perfectly relaxed at the same time. This is the joyful balance that Nritya yoga dance lets its practitioners experience. A unique form of yoga developed by Rajeev K. Nair, it’s also called slim yoga because of its […]

Unity Through Yoga Meditation Techniques

Having only just recently started practicing yoga meditation techniques, I’ve found that working them into my daily routine has sometimes been a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, every time I finish a routine, I feel better for it both physically and mentally. The practice of yoga meditation is a journey and not a destination. The […]