Are Yoga Meditation Techniques Better Than Going To The Gym?

Many yoga meditation techniques can improve our health and well being. Are they really better than going to the gym? I always thought they were two different things. Heidi Kristoffer gives us her take on the subject with 8 reasons she recently gave Shape magazine. Are Yoga Meditation Techniques Better Than Going To The Gym? […]

Yoga Exercises For The Long Run

Learning to properly practice yoga exercises, also called asanas or poses, is a lifelong process that improves fitness and health yet is never fully mastered. Even those who have been practicing for years can learn something from going back to a basic class and getting some objective guidance from an experienced teacher. Lizzie Fuhr posted […]

Rules To Guide You In Achieving Yoga Health Benefits

We practice on some level to achieve yoga health benefits that will improve both our mental and physical health and well being. Sometimes, it’s easy to slip into a pattern of yoga practice that is counterproductive to our higher goals. Jill Lawson writes at Diets in Review.Com about three cardinal rules in yoga that should […]

There’s Plenty Of Yoga Meditation Techniques To Go Around

There are quite a variety of different yoga meditation techniques, and the different styles can be very confusing for a beginner. Writer Chiara Fucarino at the Daily Cup Of Yoga cuts through the clutter and confusion to explain, in very basic and simple language, just what each of the five basic styles of yoga are […]

Best Yoga Meditation Benefits With Power Yoga

There are many new and emerging forms of yoga catching on, a recent one being power yoga. Now there are many ways of achieving yoga meditation benefits from regular yoga practice, but while some like a more calm and measured form of yoga meditation technique, others much prefer a more active and vigorous activity. Power […]

Proper Yoga Breathing Techniques Improve Health

One form of yoga called pranayama yoga puts great emphasis on proper yoga breathing techniques. A recent post at Energize.Com describes several specific health benefits you might expect from regularly practicing proper yoga breathing. Proper Yoga Breathing Techniques Improve Health Pranayama yoga is a type of yoga that is centered on breath control.  Although breathing […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Both Mental And Physical Health

Numerous yoga meditation benefits to your health from regular practice continue to be documented. The more studies that get done, the more the evidence in favor of doing regular yoga meditation seems to accumulate. These benefits are both physical as well as mental health in nature. Here’s a short summary appearing over at Yoga […]

Eating And Enjoying A Proper Yoga Diet

Believe it or not, we are what we eat, and a proper yoga diet will go a long way to enhance your physical and mental rewards from regular practice. I’ve written previously about good yoga nutrition in conjunction with yoga meditation practice. that’s because it’s so important to our overall health. Our food becomes us […]

Flex Your Body and Relax Your Mind With Yoga Meditation

Before I began practicing yoga meditation, I was daunted by the whole concept. After all, the austerity and sacrifice that was required (or so I believed) just wasn’t part of my makeup. But after I looked more closely at what practicing yoga really involved and, more importantly, what benefits it would bring to my mental […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits From Regular Practice

Daily practice makes anyone better, and daily yoga meditation benefits those dutiful practitioners the longer they continue it. I’ve found that my own simple routine has gotten quite a bit easier for me, mostly in terms of my increased flexibility and physical well being. Like so many others who are practicing yoga, this author describes […]

Yoga Meditation and Health

Just a short post here that I wanted to highlight on yoga meditation and its health benefits. Aside from the improvement in your physical health, yoga breathing will simply get more oxygen to the brain and let it function optimally, which sure makes thinking a lot easier. Yoga Meditation and Health Most people would, of […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits High School Students

I wrote last week about a recent study that demonstrated yoga meditation benefits for high school students in terms of reduced anxiety levels. I ran across an interesting article written by Abbey Challgren for the Orono High School district in Long Lake, MN that described very similar benefits in their students who practiced yoga meditation. […]