Yoga And Strength Training Can Equally Benefit Bone Mass

Yoga was long thought to be of limited benefit to maintaining bone density. Not so say recent studies, which increasingly support the concept that weight bearing yoga techniques are comparably effective to strength and weight bearing exercise regimens. Here, Mary Tolley Rhodes of Demand Media, writing for AZCentral.Com, provides some insight into recent developments in […]

Why You Should Run To Yoga

Those of you who may be runners and have contemplated taking up yoga might want to give this article a quick read. Many runners out there have their own stories of injuries that they have accumulated over the many miles. Here is an article from CNN by a veteran runner by the name of John […]

Are Yoga Meditation Techniques Better Than Going To The Gym?

Many yoga meditation techniques can improve our health and well being. Are they really better than going to the gym? I always thought they were two different things. Heidi Kristoffer gives us her take on the subject with 8 reasons she recently gave Shape magazine. Are Yoga Meditation Techniques Better Than Going To The Gym? […]

Yoga Meditation Techniques — More Than Just An Exercise

The popularity of so many different yoga meditation techniques has prompted some to question whether they are simply an exercise routine or something more. Most people I have met who practice yoga have sought to emphasize the exercise and weight control benefits, while placing far less emphasis on pursuing its meditative and spiritual development aspects. […]

Bikram Yoga — Some Like It Hot

Yeah, I know. But really, I couldn’t pass up that title! Seriously, though, as you know, Bikram yoga, aka “hot yoga”, is practiced in a very warm (some would say hot) environment. This has the advantage of loosening the body and intensifying the nature of the yoga routine, which is much more physically demanding and […]

Yoga Exercises For Beginners — A Mashup

Often novice students practicing yoga exercises for beginners will frequently ask about how to best execute poses or in fact which style of yoga is best. I thought I’d pass along some useful information around these topics from a couple of different sources that I thought would be helpful. First up is a website authored […]

Secret Yoga Moves For Runners Revealed — Best Yoga Video Series

Here is a short video demonstration showing some secret yoga moves that will give you the edge in your running while also helping you prevent running-related injuries. Nice video that’s to the point and well demonstrated by the presenters. Enjoy! Secret Yoga Moves For Runners Revealed — Best Yoga Video Series So there you have […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Indian Olympic Hockey Team

It looks as if there can be some yoga meditation benefits for the Indian Hockey Olympic Team, too.  After experiencing an eight year absence from the games, they’ll be pushing to make a strong come back in the upcoming London Olympic Games this year. Team members are attributing their mental preparation in no small part […]

Yoga Meditation Techniques For Beginners — Best Yoga Video Series

One of the most basic of yoga meditation techniques is to learn how to stretch. This relieves stress and will also build our strength with regular practice. Here is a very good video that illustrates this technique very well. Yoga Meditation Techniques For Beginners — Best Yoga Video Series   Regularly practicing yoga meditation techniques […]

Ashtanga Yoga Meditation Techniques — Best Yoga Video Series

I was looking for a good demonstration video to highlight Ashtanga yoga meditation techniques and just thought I’d bring you this video clip of Steve Green filmed while in India. Really impressive stuff. However, the warning about “Kids, don’t try this at home” should go without saying. Clearly, the people are accomplished at this and […]

Yoga Exercises For The Long Run

Learning to properly practice yoga exercises, also called asanas or poses, is a lifelong process that improves fitness and health yet is never fully mastered. Even those who have been practicing for years can learn something from going back to a basic class and getting some objective guidance from an experienced teacher. Lizzie Fuhr posted […]

Guided Power Yoga With Rodney Yee — Best Yoga Video Series

Power yoga helps develop physical strength and uses one’s own body weight as part of the strength training. Here is a video that highlights Rodney Yee and is geared more towards beginner level participants. Guided Power Yoga With Rodney Yee — Best Yoga Video Series Power yoga develops strength and can be challenging, especially for […]

Bikram Yoga World Champion — Best Yoga Video Series

I thought I’d start highlighting some of the best yoga videos that I’ve run across. This particular video features Kasper van den Wijngaard demonstrating Bikram yoga. Now, normally Bikram yoga is done in a very hot environment, that’s why it’s also called hot yoga. I’m truly awed by his form and his control. Very impressive. […]

There’s Plenty Of Yoga Meditation Techniques To Go Around

There are quite a variety of different yoga meditation techniques, and the different styles can be very confusing for a beginner. Writer Chiara Fucarino at the Daily Cup Of Yoga cuts through the clutter and confusion to explain, in very basic and simple language, just what each of the five basic styles of yoga are […]

Strength Yoga Exercises Benefit Men

Men who participate in sports activities regularly would also find it very helpful to include practicing strength yoga to improve their power and also to maintain their flexibility. Since many men participate in a relatively narrow range of sports activities, they tend to become less flexible over time. This lack of flexibility can make them […]

Best Yoga Meditation Benefits With Power Yoga

There are many new and emerging forms of yoga catching on, a recent one being power yoga. Now there are many ways of achieving yoga meditation benefits from regular yoga practice, but while some like a more calm and measured form of yoga meditation technique, others much prefer a more active and vigorous activity. Power […]

Strength Yoga – Bend It Like Bikram

Hey guys, what if I told you that getting strong was as easy as practicing Bikram strength yoga. What! No way! Well, as an alternative to lifting iron, this is one method that has some solid science behind it. Now, Bikram yoga is very different, because it actually forces controlled lengthy contractions of all the […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Balance, Strength And Peace of Mind

There are many yoga meditation benefits that are less obvious than physical health. Sometimes life just deals us a particularly difficult hand of cards to play. Having a sense of being centered within ones spiritual and physical person can help us play that hand of cards best. Ellie Chamberlain found yoga meditation to be a […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits Both Mental And Physical Health

Numerous yoga meditation benefits to your health from regular practice continue to be documented. The more studies that get done, the more the evidence in favor of doing regular yoga meditation seems to accumulate. These benefits are both physical as well as mental health in nature. Here’s a short summary appearing over at Yoga […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Stroke Rehabilitation

The devastating effects of a stroke can be very difficult to recover from, but recent studies have demonstrated that yoga meditation benefits those individuals with a speedier and improved level of recovery. In as little as 8 weeks, there were noticeable improvements in those participants employing yoga techniques to improve their motor stability and strength. […]