Yoga Meditation Benefits Everyone

If I were to ask you about your friends and family, I would bet there was at least one person you knew who might be interested in all of the many yoga meditation benefits for their health and well being. They might be young, or they might be older. Here’s a short article I found […]

Flex Your Body and Relax Your Mind With Yoga Meditation

Before I began practicing yoga meditation, I was daunted by the whole concept. After all, the austerity and sacrifice that was required (or so I believed) just wasn’t part of my makeup. But after I looked more closely at what practicing yoga really involved and, more importantly, what benefits it would bring to my mental […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits the Prepared Body

While yoga meditation benefits your health and well being and much documentation and research exists to substantiate that,  I’ve also encountered some articles recently, in which concerns over the safety and potential dangers to health from yoga were raised. Some caution would, at the very least, be prudent for the novice yoga practitioner before attempting […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits From Regular Practice

Daily practice makes anyone better, and daily yoga meditation benefits those dutiful practitioners the longer they continue it. I’ve found that my own simple routine has gotten quite a bit easier for me, mostly in terms of my increased flexibility and physical well being. Like so many others who are practicing yoga, this author describes […]

Yoga Meditation Benefits High School Students

I wrote last week about a recent study that demonstrated yoga meditation benefits for high school students in terms of reduced anxiety levels. I ran across an interesting article written by Abbey Challgren for the Orono High School district in Long Lake, MN that described very similar benefits in their students who practiced yoga meditation. […]