Why You Should Run To Yoga

Those of you who may be runners and have contemplated taking up yoga might want to give this article a quick read. Many runners out there have their own stories of injuries that they have accumulated over the many miles. Here is an article from CNN by a veteran runner by the name of John […]

Meeting The Challenges Of Yoga Meditation

There is much to challenge us in our yoga meditation. It can be more difficult than we might expect, although it doesn’t have to be. How hard you push yourself can be a function of both your instructor and your own expectations of what you think you’re capable of doing. A recent short article at […]

Bikram Yoga — Some Like It Hot

Yeah, I know. But really, I couldn’t pass up that title! Seriously, though, as you know, Bikram yoga, aka “hot yoga”, is practiced in a very warm (some would say hot) environment. This has the advantage of loosening the body and intensifying the nature of the yoga routine, which is much more physically demanding and […]

Start Increasing Flexibility With Yoga Meditation Techniques

I can remember starting out doing beginner yoga meditation techniques that highlighted my lack of flexibility. I didn’t realize I was that bad, being relatively fit and all. I was very self conscious about it and was reluctant to join a class, until I realized that I wouldn’t be the only one with this particular […]

Yoga Meditation Techniques For Beginners — Best Yoga Video Series

One of the most basic of yoga meditation techniques is to learn how to stretch. This relieves stress and will also build our strength with regular practice. Here is a very good video that illustrates this technique very well. Yoga Meditation Techniques For Beginners — Best Yoga Video Series   Regularly practicing yoga meditation techniques […]

Tips For Getting Started With Yoga Exercises

A program of easy yoga exercises is very straightforward to start up and then to keep going. Before you get started, though, first get an opinion from your doctor, especially if you have any chronic health problems or you are over 30. I found the article below over at HealthyandFitInfo.com which gives some very sound […]

Strength Yoga Exercises Benefit Men

Men who participate in sports activities regularly would also find it very helpful to include practicing strength yoga to improve their power and also to maintain their flexibility. Since many men participate in a relatively narrow range of sports activities, they tend to become less flexible over time. This lack of flexibility can make them […]

Yoga Stretching For Flexibility And Weight Loss

There’s nothing better than improving your overall flexibility with yoga stretching, but can you also achieve weight loss with yoga? There’s debate on both sides, and it probably depends on the overall balance of activity, diet and years of yoga practice. Now, I have to say that I’ve never met anyone who practiced yoga meditation […]

Yoga Stretching Meditation

Practicing any form of yoga stretching meditation is an excellent way of experiencing relief of stress both in the physical body and in the mental experience. Any area of the body can be relieved of accumulated daily stress through the act of stretching that comes from executing a series of defined physical poses, while the […]

Yoga Stretching Techniques for Runners

  Have you heard about yoga stretching techniques that are good for those of us who happen to enjoy running? Now, I’ve been running off and on for many years, but one thing I always have had a problem with in the past (before I took up yoga) was this tightness that would develop around […]