Tara Stiles, Russell Simmons & Facebook — A Yoga Meditation Mashup

Now how do you suppose these three came together for this week’s yoga meditation mashup? At first glance, it might not be so obvious as to what they have in common, but let’s go ahead and dig in a bit deeper. There is a common thread here. It’s all about human interaction and the unity and unifying capacities of yoga.

Firstly, ex-Ford model and popular yoga blogger Tara Stiles has been in the news a lot lately because of her increasing fascination and practice of yoga. Her growing love for the discipline has led her down that path where she now has her own studio in New York with her husband Michael Taylor. Tara has followed her passion for yoga to a point where she inspires others both in her studio and in print. Samantha Bandasack wrote recently for Diets In Review.Com where she highlighted Tara’s career progress in a recent article there.

Tara Stiles, Russell Simmons & Facebook — A Yoga Meditation Mashup

In 2008, Tara married Michael Taylor and later that year they opened Strala in New York City as a place to share her yoga practice with others. Stiles focuses on the physical and health benefits of yoga instead of the spiritual practice. She has been praised for

yoga meditation

Unity through yoga meditation. Photo by Shockay-Hart c/o Photos.Com.

making yoga more accessible to everyone.

Read the entire piece here at dietsinreview.com:

So while we now have a new rising star celebrity yoga fitness guru like Tara Stiles to turn to for advice, what about some other well known individuals who practice yoga meditation? Well, this connects us next to hip-hop business mogul Russell Simmons who recently announced some new business ventures that will spread the word about yoga and let him showcase his passion. Now, he’s been an announced vegan since the late 90’s and he’s an outspoken proponent about yoga and non-violence. In this short article by Michael d’Estries for Mother Nature Network, Russell’s passion for his beliefs really shines.

“Yoga continues to teach me many things, perhaps the most important is the concept of non-violence in EVERY aspect of your life as a global citizen of the world,” he wrote in an article for Ellen DeGeneres’s website. “The more I opened myself up to the idea of the full scope of exactly what non-violence translates to, the less interested I became in consuming the energy associated with the flesh of an animal that only knew suffering in his/her life and pain and terror in its death.

Read the original article here at mnn.com:

Russell does look very fit and certainly much younger than you’d expect considering his 54 orbits round the sun. He’s a wonderful spokesperson and a proponent for change in how society and we as individuals interact with the earth, with nature, and with each other.

Which leads us to our final mashup participant — Facebook. Now, how did that happen? Well, Facebook is, after all, about human interaction, but it isn’t a person in the typical sense. Yet, large companies have a group think and exhibit a kind of uber-mind, which unifies the employees and unites them to common goals.

Now this last story is a bit of a left turn, I’ll grant you, but stay with me here. Seems that while conducting a yoga class at company headquarters for the Facebook employees, a contracted yoga instructor apparently gave a class participant the “evil-eye” for allegedly texting during class (probably didn’t get many likes for that). Now the contract yoga instructor was told in advance that she could not prohibit the use of cell phones while running the class. Really?! Then why are you taking a yoga class if not to remove yourself from the outside world for a short time? Here’s one version of the story from the Huffington Post by Fenit Nirapril.

The instructor, Alice Van Ness, said she got fired after she glared at a Facebook employee who texted during a class in June.

“The whole point for most people going to yoga is that it’s disconnecting from the outside world,” said Van Ness, a 35-year-old San Carlos resident who has taught yoga for six years. “If you are bringing your phone into class, why are you even there?”

Van Ness told the Facebook class to turn their phones off after seeing a female employee with a cellphone out. Later, while demonstrating a difficult pose, she caught the same worker typing on her phone. Van Ness said she stayed silent, but shot the woman a disapproving look. The employee stepped out before returning to the class, Van Ness said.

Read the entire post here at huffingtonpost.com:

From these three stories we can bring together our theme of unity through the path of yoga meditation. Tara Stiles followed her path to bring the world together by educating us more about yoga both in print and through her classroom teaching.  Russell Simmons followed his path and brought more opportunities for everyone to participate in yoga and emphasized its non-violent tenets, in order bring us together and to make the world a more peaceful place in which to live. I’d like to think that even those participants in that yoga class at Facebook headquarters that one day might have been brought together by that incident to become more enlightened. Perhaps they’ll take a moment and think about where they are in the universe, possibly to make more time for themselves and their loved ones, away from the noise and distraction of the outside world, even for just a few extra moments each day.

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When you inhale, you are taking the strength from God. When you exhale, it represents the service you are giving to the world.

                                                                                                                                                                —  B.K.S. Iyengar

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