The Best Yoga For Runners

My own personal journey with running has taken me into searching out the best yoga for runners and preventing the kinds of injuries that often can catch up with you when you let your guard down. In an earlier post, I wrote about this topic as it has become increasingly relevant to maintain my (so far) injury free state. I’m revisiting this theme. Health and Fitness editor for Kyle Washburn, a runner himself, has found and reviewed a very good book that would serve as a valuable informational resource for runners and cyclists.

The Best Yoga For Runners

As a runner, cyclist, triathlete, and all around sport playing and gym going man, I have had my fair share of injuries.

Luckily nothing major and no surgeries or significant time away from the activities I love. However, tightness persists throughout my body, even as I stretch almost daily.

best yoga for runners

Yoga poses that focus on the hips, thighs, and hamstrings are often the best yoga for runners. Photo by Thomas Lammeyer c/o Photos.Com.

So I decided to give yoga a whirl again. I had done it in the past, but it just seemed hard to fit into my daily routine.

Yet the difference this time is that I am using techniques from Sage Rountree’s book “The Runner’s Guide to Yoga: A Practical Approach to Building Strength and Flexibility for Better Running.”

These poses target typical runner trouble spots (think tight hamstrings, calves, IT bands, hip flexors, and even ankles, not to mention the upper back), which lead to more fluid running. This also eases up the muscles from rigorous and repeated strength training or other endurance and cardiovascular activities.

Read the entire review here.

While the best yoga for runners award is likely still up for grabs, I find it useful that so many different approaches are available. This way you can pick and choose what’s best for you and your own unique physical needs.

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