The Power Of Yoga Healing

The power of yoga healing is showing up wherever yoga and meditation are practiced. It seems that whether you are young or old, or have conditions that may ordinarily be challenging to treat using conventional medicine, yoga meditation can help to diminish its effects and some of the adversity it can cause.

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The Power Of Yoga Healing

I was taking a yoga nidra workshop the other day (that’s the quieting, meditative part of the practice), and as I lay in

savasana pose, I reflected on all the things yoga has done for me: adding flexibility and strength to my body and a

yoga healing

Yoga healing can help to improve or alleviate many chronic conditions. Photo by Thinkstock c/o Photos.Com.

new sense of calm to my mind. I decided to check out other benefits of yoga. These studies, all presented in the past year, prove what yoginis have known all along: yoga is a powerful healer.

Read about all five yoga benefits here:

Whether you have a chronic or an acute condition, chances are that the beneficial effects of yoga healing on the body can sometimes be profound. While it is not a substitute for sound medical management, yoga can certainly be considered as one more means of improving one’s quality of life and overall health. Discuss it with your doctor first and make them aware of your interest in yoga, and make sure they are in agreement first.

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One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick.                                                                   —  Rabbi Harold Kushner

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