The Tibetan Chakra Diet and Yoga Meditation For Better Health

The Tibetan Chakra Diet might be just the thing for those of you inclined to simplify your life and at the same time empower your own health. For better or for worse, modern living gives to us many benefits each day. On the downside, it can also extract its pound of flesh from us. I know from my own experience that going through the typical workday, with its many stressful events can, over time, have negative consequences on our physical and emotional well being. There was recently a program by Dr. Oz about what he does to maintain his own good health using the Tibetan Chakra Diet along with the 5 Tibetan Rites each day. The 5 Rites are actually five yoga poses or moves that help to rebalance the 7 chakra energy centers within the body.

Kira writes in her blog Watching Dr. Oz.Com a very detailed and excellent post recently which covered everything you’d need to know about the good doctor’s exploits.

The Tibetan Chakra Diet and Yoga Meditation For Better Health

Dr. Oz has been practicing the Five Tibetan Rites every day and says he feels a new sense of vitality and energy. Sharing this information with his colleagues, Dr. Oz was surprised that there was some controversy surrounding his practice of the Rites. His colleagues didn’t believe that these simple moves could be so powerful.

Tibetan chakra diet

The Tibetan Diet and Yoga Meditation can Balance Energy Chakras

The Five Tibetan Rites are five yoga moves brought together to support health and vitality. Not all Tibetan monks are doing the same five moves that will be demonstrated but they do some variation that changes from village to village. The movements may be different but the idea is get the body moving in a way that supports the chakras.
To find out more, go to Watching Dr. Oz.Com to read the rest of this article.
So what do you think? Can something that sounds so simple really be that effective? Can the Tibetan Chakra Diet and the 5 Tibetan Rites, practiced daily, be so profoundly beneficial to our health and spiritual well being? Obviously, Dr. Oz thinks so. How about you?
If you have anything to share about this based on your own experience, please leave a comment. I’d like to hear from you.
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