Decompress With Antigravity Yoga

Have you heard about antigravity yoga? It seems to really be catching on in certain health clubs around Los Angeles. Participants will hang upside down from modified hammocks and seem to have a lot of fun while doing it. Antigravity yoga was originally intended for athletes to help them recover from training, but it’s been modified so almost anyone can do it. Here’s an excerpt from the original article that appeared at Voice of America.

Decompress With Antigravity Yoga

A growing number of health clubs around the world is offering exercise that allows people to stretch and strengthen their bodies while hanging in the air, often upside down.  It’s called AntiGravity Yoga.

At first glance, students hanging upside down on hammocks made of silk cloth hanging from the ceiling

Antigravity yoga

Upside down with antigravity yoga. Photo by PhotoObjects.Net c/o Photos.Com.

seems more like acrobatics than yoga.

“When I first saw people hanging upside down from hammocks and calling it yoga I thought they were crazy,” said Marie Bice.

“But it ended up being a lot of fun and just swinging it felt very playful.”

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So what do you think about antigravity yoga? Think you’d like to try it. It looks like a lot of fun. Maybe it’ll be coming soon to a yoga studio near you.

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