Vegans Rule: Nutrition To Power A Yoga Diet

I’m an avid supporter of a vegan yoga diet because I believe that it delivers the most nutrients in their proper balance for the number of calories. Many of what are currently viewed as chronic diseases are actually caused by chronic nutritional deficiencies. Normally, our typical Western diet delivers calories that are very deficient in the right quantity and quality of nutrients. This forces our bodies to make up the difference by drawing from stored nutrients and leading to chronic nutritional deficiencies. Vitamin D3 is a classic example of this condition. In this Times of India article, the macrobiotic guru Shonali Sabherwal details what is a pretty exhaustive list of food sources that are good for you, and explaining why some others are not so good for you.

Vegans Rule: Nutrition To Power A Yoga Diet

Foods that get assimilated by the body give us more energy, as they require lesser energy for digestion (as opposed to

refined, processed foods). Also, the body demands less of nutritionally whole foods as the brain turns off the hunger

signal once it recognises a bunch of nutrients.

yoga diet

A vegan yoga diet maximizes nutrition for the number of calories consumed. Photo by Jupiterimages c/o Photos.Com.

Also, everything we eat comes with a nutritional ‘stress’ component if the body does not utilize it or takes time to digest it. Nutritional stressors are: coffee, tea (chai with caffeine and tannic acid), soft drinks, aerated beverages, or alcohol (minimal) and sugary starchy foods (everything made from refined white flour and yeast), meat, dairy, wheat or gluten, simple sugars and anything preserved or processed.

The nutritional stressors create an acidic environment throwing the body’s pH balance off. People with high acidosis fatigue faster and their sleep patterns are affected. So while you may be on a diet, high-stressor foods will affect post exercise recovery. Here’s how to maximise your energy, while maintaining a vegetarian and dairy-free diet.

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A vegan yoga diet will keep you healthy while at the same time still deliver more than enough energy to enable vigorous physical activity. Tell me what you think about this. I’d love to hear about your own experiences on the subject. Do you know anyone who is practicing a vegan diet, or have you been thinking about starting one?

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