Best Yoga Meditation Book For Beginners

I recently finished reading what I think is a great contender for my first choice pick as the best yoga meditation book for beginners. Now, this book has a really long title, “It’s Not About Putting Your Foot Behind Your Ear: An Inspiring Journey of Transformation Through Yoga.” Anyone who’s currently practicing or even thinking about starting a yoga meditation routine would find this book instructive, useful, and above all inspiring. Author Sophia S. Paul does a wonderful job of getting the point across to the reader that anyone can do yoga and meditation, what it really involves, and what really is and isn’t part of yoga. I have a short video that Sophia also produced to give some flavor as to what her book is about.

Best Yoga Meditation Book For Beginners


There are a great many books on meditation and yoga, and as I continue to read more of them I’ll recommend some of them to you. My personal opinion of “It’s Not Just Putting Your Foot Behind Your Ear” is that it’s the best yoga meditation book for beginners I’ve run across in my readings thus far.

Let me know what you think. Please don’t be shy about leaving a comment. You can also click on the Amazon link below to get the book for yourself and see if you agree with me.

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