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Welcome to Yoga Meditation Benefits! My intent is to have this site become a gathering place for like-minded individuals who are also interested in improving their physical health and wellness while achieving spiritual benefits through yoga meditation meditation benefits

I’m currently a physician practicing in the upper mid-west. A big part of my own motivation for establishing this website is to both teach and also to learn more about some of the many non-traditional ways of maintaining and improving our health naturally through yoga meditation techniques.

I’ll be sharing and commenting on news articles related to yoga meditation that I come across which I feel are both timely and informative. I will be posting on a pretty frequent schedule (about every other day) while covering a broad selection of topics related to both yoga and meditation. For instance, I’ll be writing about such things as yoga diet, yoga meditation techniques, and yoga healing.

I’ll also be supplementing stand alone pages to this site over time. These will be short, in-depth articles covering specific topics relevant to yoga and meditation. Book and video reviews and recommendations will also be found here.

Lastly, you might be wondering why I chose to name this site Yoga Meditation Benefits. Yoga has always been practiced as a means of preparing the body for meditation. The two have always been united. Only recently have we in the west artificially separated the two. Yoga is a movement meditation in and of itself, and thus flows naturally into meditation practices.

Please join in on the discussion by commenting on any of the posts you find interesting or educational. I’d like to hear from you. Thanks and enjoy!

Dr. Michael Eis MD., PhD.

Editor and Publisher

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