Why You Should Run To Yoga

Those of you who may be runners and have contemplated taking up yoga might want to give this article a quick read. Many runners out there have their own stories of injuries that they have accumulated over the many miles. Here is an article from CNN by a veteran runner by the name of John Farah (a.k.a. Marathon Man) who relates his own experiences with getting to adopt yoga into his life and why you should too.

Why You Should Run To Yoga

My friend Christine was into yoga long before it went mainstream, and she was good at it.

yoga for runners

Yoga trains runners to stand still and avoid injury. Photo by YanLev c/o Photos.Com.

She attended yoga camps, went on a yearly trek to India and even ritually cleansed her sinuses with warm saltwater — literally sucked it up through her nose. She claimed it possessed a healing value and kept her from getting a cold.

That was the ’70s.

She tried to convince me back then that yoga would be good for me, that it would loosen up my muscles and increase my body’s longevity. I wanted nothing to do with it.

“Are you kidding?” I said. “I can’t stand still for two minutes, and you want me to do yoga?”

I loved running and playing sports like soccer and volleyball, things that kept me moving all the time. The idea of stretching didn’t really appeal to me. Neither, for that matter, did sucking saltwater into my nose.

Twenty-five years went by, and lo and behold, I found that my body was getting more and more prone to injury, just like Christine predicted.

The breaking point came six years ago, when I injured my hamstring at the beginning of Grandma’s Marathon in Minnesota and ended up walking 21 miles to finish the race in six hours and 14 minutes. Not exactly the kind of record I had been hoping to set.

I figured if I wanted to keep being able to run, I had better learn how to stand still.

Original article here at cnn.com:

Yoga practiced in conjunction with running will maintain your flexibility and help you to avoid injuries as a result. Try it and see what you think.

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