Yoga Exercises For The Long Run

Learning to properly practice yoga exercises, also called asanas or poses, is a lifelong process that improves fitness and health yet is never fully mastered. Even those who have been practicing for years can learn something from going back to a basic class and getting some objective guidance from an experienced teacher. Lizzie Fuhr posted on FitSugar.Com that advanced and experienced yogi’s should consider going to a basic class to refresh themselves.

Yoga Exercises For The Long Run

Regardless how many years you’ve been practicing, making your way back to a beginner’s class can breathe fresh life into a stale practice. Here are four reasons more advanced students could benefit from hanging out in a beginner’s class every now and again.

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Yoga exercises and basic asanas can always be practiced and improved, even by the very experienced. Photo by Roi Brooks c/o Photos.Com.


You can freshen up on your foundation. While advanced yogis certainly know a lot more about how a Downward Dog or Chaturanga should feel at this point, the teacher will be putting much more emphasis on and instruction into these poses, rather than moving through an advanced flow sequence. The breakdown could produce just the breakthrough you need: sometimes just one quick tip can reshape your relationship with a basic pose.

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Specific yoga exercises, aka yoga asanas, can always be learned and improved upon no matter what your experience level. You’re never too old or experienced to learn something new or to improve yourself. Just when you think your path is predictable, a sudden turn of events can bring an unexpected and often pleasant surprise.

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