Yoga for Weight Loss

Some people question whether practicing yoga for weight loss can be sufficiently intense of an exercise regimen to help them maintain an ideal body weight. It would most likely depend on the style of yoga one practices. More active forms of yoga will naturally burn more calories than those with less strenuous activity. Nritya yoga will burn much more than some other styles. There are other advantages to yoga practice, including increases in flexibility and improved poise, as well as one’s sense of well being and inner peace.

Yoga for Weight Loss

A study of six healthy young adults who did the Sun Salutation (a series of 12 poses repeatedly going from standing to floor) estimated that they burned about 230 calories in a half-hour session. That’s comparable to what the average person burns in the same period on a brisk walk. Since these people weighed less than 135 pounds on average, a person who weighs more would likely burn somewhat more calories. In addition, researchers found

Yoga Weight Loss

Yoga for weight loss and maintaining flexibility. Photo: Hemera Technologies c/o Photos.Com

that as these subjects were doing this more actively moving form of yoga, they were working out at a heart rate that could improve cardiovascular fitness if done regularly. Yoga that involves more sitting and less movement would burn fewer calories and have less effect on cardiovascular fitness. Aside from any weight impact, yoga increases flexibility, improves balance and relieves stress.

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While engaging in exercise of any kind is always beneficial to the maintenance of optimal health and well being, practicing yoga for weight loss over the long term helps maintain a good body weight as well as improved flexibility.

Please leave a comment below. Have you found yoga to be helpful for keeping off the excess pounds? I’d appreciate hearing what you think.

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